Local Tories Set to Pick Candidate for New West-Coquitlam

Canadian Conservative officials from the New West-Coquitlam electoral district association report that four candidates will vie for the Conservative nomination in that riding including:

Lorraine Brett, New Westminster

Diana Dilworth, Port Moody

Mark Lea-McKeown, Coquitlam

Andy Wickey, Coquitlam

The Royal City’s own Lorraine Brett has been a former candidate for city councilor, Queens Park RA chair, long-time Hyack Committiee member and has been involved with a host of community initiatives:

Our region will benefit from a strong voice at the government table, and I want to be that voice. As a communications consultant, I know that we are competing with dozens of regions across Canada for attention, and we tell our story in a compelling and convincing way. I know our area and can tell our story effectively.

Andy Wickey from Coquitlam is a Sri Lankan Canadian with a background in business and engineering. Mark Lea-McKeown of Coquitlam is on the Riding Association executive and Diana Dilworth is a Port Moody Councillor.

Absent from the list of nominees is Paul Forseth of New Westminster, former MP. It has been reported that Forseth was not able to submit paperwork in time. Other accounts report that he had removed his name for nomination.

“We have a strong and diverse field of candidates vying for the nomination in this pivotal riding,” said EDA President Gary Mauser. “I look forward to winning back the New Westminster Coquitlam-Port Moody district for the Conservatives.”

Conservative Party members can look forward to the conclusion of this contest on July 25th, 2009 and two all candidates events are scheduled for July 14th in New West and on July 16th in Port Moody. Details may be found on the recently launched electoral association website.

A by-election may be called to elect a new MP as the riding became vacant when NDP Dawn Black successfully ran as a provincial MLA this last Spring. While the by election could happen as soon as late August, it may also not happen as late as early 2010, or be subsumed by a general election.

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6 Replies to “Local Tories Set to Pick Candidate for New West-Coquitlam”

  1. I'm surprised that Senator Yonah Moneybags err Martin isn't in the running. Ok, I'm not surprised. After all, she's just in her first year of her 6.3 million dollar deal with Steve Harper in the Senate. Mr. Wickey is an interesting entrant into the race. Should be an interesting race. Any news from the Liberals on when their nomination race is and who's entered?

  2. Thanks for the tip. It is at http://www.yourvotecounts.ca.

    I have not heard too much about the Libs. Some have speculated that the machinery is broken in that riding and this relates to the recent visit by Ignatieff. People know, just not me.

  3. I just checked out the conservative site "yourvotecounts.ca" Their highest priority is the vacancy left by Dawn Black running provincially? A 50 billion dollar deficit, continued dithering over the evergreen line, continuing high unemployment, and a stagnant economy, and their highest priority is the fact that there's a by election to be held in the riding??? This from the same people who state that when it comes to having a strong voice in Ottawa, being represented by the 6.3 million dollar woman, who by the way LOST the last federal election, but slithered through the back door by accepting an appointment to the Senate, all because she can say the words, "Thank You" and thats about it? In case the conservatives haven't heard, or figured it out, Fin Donnelly is the candidate for the NDP. As much as you'd like to focus on Dawn Black, she's not your opponent.

    One could say that you should be focused on coming up with excuses for saying that you wouldn't put the country into deficit and did just that, just like Mr. Harper's hero in life, Brian Mulroney. And the fact that not one stimulus measure has taken hold to help get the country over this recession. The Conservatives of the '80s made a mess of things when it came to budgets and the economy, the Liberals cleaned the mess up by hacking the crap out of our medical and social spending, and cutting corporate taxes, while downloading costs onto the provinces, and Harper comes back, hacks taxes even lower, cuts government revenues by handing over huge corporate tax breaks, and now will look to slash and burn.

    I can't wait for the Conservative candidate whoever that maybe to sit there and talk about economic and social issues that are relevant to the people of New West Coquitlam and PORT MOODY. Christ they can't even get the riding name right for pete's sake.

  4. Just a comment about Paul Forseth and conservative nominations in general. As a bit of a political follower, I find it hilarious that the Cons go out of their way to bury people that they no longer consider electable. For example, in Burnaby New Westminster, there was a major stink over Marc Dalton's candidacy for the nomination, and from an outsider's perspective, he got screwed over pretty good, from a purely political viewpoint. Don't get me wrong, I abhor his politics and all, much like I did with the 2 candidates that ran for the nomination. And Paul for all his political warts and record as an MP, did after all win 3 successive elections.

    Yet when Harper went to look to fill a seat in the senate, he chose instead someone who ran in and LOST the most recent election, rather than a party faithful servant as Mr. Forseth was and continues to be. One only needs to look at his blog to see that when it comes to the Conservatives, few are as big a cheerleader as Mr. Forseth is. It could also be pointed out that the Conservatives have mocked the Senate over the tenure of Mr. Harper as leader, and yet he chose to give Yonah "thank you…thank you…thank you" Martin an early retirement gig from her teaching position, by making her the 6.3 million dollar woman from New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Moody. Unelected and only accountable to Mr. Harper. To date, Ms. Martin has never defended this bit of rampant hypocrisy that she continues to engage in, except of course to say at the Hyack Parade…. "Thank you…thank you…thank you."

    A 3 term former MP has to sit on the sidelines and pretty much put up with having his nose rubbed in doggie do, while Yonah goes to Ottawa and back, all on our dime. With no accountability to anyone but to the leader of the not so Conservatives.

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