Two playground options for Grimston: Adventure or ‘Random’ play

The Grimston Park playground consultation is chugging along. For those who are curious, two proposed design directions are now up on the web, and the Parks dept. is looking for feedback on which one most appeals to the community, as well as specific feedback on types of equipment we want to see.

It seems a few things have changed since the first consultation: now one of the options includes salvaged pieces of the old playground, possibly including the tower (roof removed to discourage late-night partiers and homeless sleepers) and the iconic tires (relocated from their current position, and terraced on the side of the hill).

The playground designer and Parks have come up with two different directions: an adventure playground that does its best to continue the style of play we’ve become used to at Grimston, or a more exploratory “random play” playground, which is intended to evoke more imaginative play. It’s still not at a stage where we can see exactly what will and will not be included, but it’s clear there are two distinctly different directions they could take the new playground design.

Here’s what they’re thinking of for the ‘adventure playground’ option:

Here is the ‘random informal play’ option:

And here is the summary of the feedback received to date:

When we spoke with playground designer Richard Findlay and Parks’ Andrew Banks, they said that the feedback to date had been split between people preferring adventure play and others responding to the idea of more free-form, imaginative play. There seemed to be a slight preference for the adventure play option, but feedback was still coming in. If you’d like to share your thoughts, print off the form at the NWPR website and fax back.

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  1. Am I allowed to comment even though I don't live nearby?

    I have fond first-boyfriend memories of those tires, so they better stay or I might cry. 😉 I also have always loved the tower-style play structures in many NW parks. I'm sure there is expertise that suggests the "random play" areas are more imaginative, but maybe they never got the chance to see how Will and I played as kids on that big red fire truck that used to be in Queen's Park, or the huge tower structure there too. We were plenty imaginative, and the great thing about QP is that there is a real mix of random and adventure style playground structures.

    This really is a banner year for Grimston Park controversy, isn't it?

    As someone who has frequent need to walk through the park but can't, I have to beg that if they are going to pay for an upgrade could they also please PLEASE upgrade the trail that goes through the park? I can haz pavement?

    Currently, for me to get from the skytrain to Will and Briana's house, I have to cross 20th street, walk down 7th ave to 18th Street, then turn down the street and walk back up toward the park, because if I wanted to walk across the park from 7th to Nanaimo, there are stairs and quite a steep hill. There's also the rough path that runs from the Nanaimo St. parking lot, near the tennis courts, to 20th Street, but it is so rough that it's very difficult for me to do on my own – and I'm in the top 10% of wheelchair using ability, I'd say.

    I know, it's a niche thing but think of how much easier it would be for the moms and dads and strollers, people with disabilities, toddlers, elders, etc. if there was a path through the park from one side to the other that properly graded and paved (and no stairs!).

  2. "Print the form and fax it back to them?" Briana, please, let's get together and help. Perhaps do a seminar or something. Email box, Surveymonkey, so many options.

  3. Jon: I know, I know! An online feedback mechanism shouldn't be that big an ask … but hey, at least they've put the PDFs online … baby steps, eh?

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