City of New West secures $22 million in infrastructure funding for key projects

From time to time, the City of New Westminster sends us a press release that we think are worth sharing – yet we don’t always have the time to follow up with a post. We’d link to them … if only we could find a copy online! As a new feature on Tenth to the Fraser, when we get a media release from the city that we think you’d like to know about, we’ll share it here so you can be among the first to know. If you see a press release come through that you’d like to write a follow-up guest post about, please drop us a line. You are, of course, always welcome to share your thoughts in the comments, on Facebook or via Twitter as well! – Briana.

New Westminster, BC – The City of New Westminster has secured nearly $22 million in funding under the Build Canada Fund, administered by the federal government and Province of British Columbia. Projects earmarked for funding include the Westminster Pier Park ($8.3 million from each level of government) and streets and sidewalk revitalization ($2.66 million from each level of government).

“This is fantastic news for New Westminster and I couldn’t be more thrilled,” said Mayor Wayne Wright. “Council and staff worked very hard to advance these projects and we’re pleased with the enthusiastic response we received throughout the process from officials from both the provincial and federal governments.”

“Our new Westminster Pier Park will become an integral part of the “Experience the Fraser” project that will see a world class trail and park system connect communities along the mighty Fraser River,” the Mayor added.

Both projects were advanced as part of the Build Canada Fund, established to help British Columbia communities meet their pressing infrastructure needs, stimulate the economy, create jobs and support continued economic growth.

Next steps include completing the technical and design work relating to each project and, in the case of Westminster Pier Park, completing an environmental remediation plan once a final design has been achieved. In the coming weeks, a public consultation will commence to solicit input from city residents on what they would like to see in the Royal City’s new waterfront park. Construction will commence as soon as possible for both projects with completion scheduled for 2011.

“I sincerely appreciate the leadership and vision shown by both the provincial and federal governments on advancing this grant funding to communities throughout British Columbia,” said Wright. “I am especially pleased that we can now move forward in achieving a lasting legacy on New Westminster’s waterfront that will be enjoyed for generations to come.”

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  1. Thanks Blair! I suspected that the releases would be easier to find on the new website. I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for your link to the press release archive as well. I was looking on the city news page, which seems to have only a subset of news items.

  2. Hi Briana,

    Thanks for sharing this great news with your readers! City press releases are sent to our media list (Tenth to the Fraser included, of course) and posted on our website here: We’ve also just posted today’s news on our City of New Westminster Facebook page.

    Very soon, we will be launching our much anticipated new city website so this URL will be changing. City press releases will be easy to find on the new site at

  3. We certainly need the money.

    Did you see Holawchuks (sic) report on our aging infrastructures ?


    One year after the world comes to an end so it doesn't really matter anyways I guess.


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