New West H1N1 flu vaccine clinic Nov. 4

There’s a lot of debate over whether to get the H1N1 vaccine out there. Those of us in New Westminster who choose to vaccinate should know there’s a vaccine clinic tomorrow (Nov. 4) at Royal City Centre  in the Community Room from 9am-1pm.

Here’s who’s eligible:

  • Children six months of age to under five years old
  • Health care workers, starting with priority groups that deliver critical and frontline health care services
  • Household contacts and care providers of infants under six months of age
  • Household contacts and care providers of people who have weakened immune systems
  • People under 65 with chronic health conditions
  • Pregnant women in the second half of pregnancy

The entrance to the clinic will be at the West end of the mall, via Corridor #4 located between Labels and Ardene.

One Reply to “New West H1N1 flu vaccine clinic Nov. 4”

  1. Another disgusting debacle.

    Media hype to sell sell sell.

    It's a pandemic ! Lets make a killing !

    Guess what, BC government wasted too much money, and around half the shots went unused and had to be destroyed. Who made the profit ?

    When the real pandemic comes around, and it is right around the corner, there will be no tamiflu or any shot to save you from it.

    Suck it up. Life is uncertain.


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