Tree-chipping Jan 9 & 10

Tree-chippin' in New Westminster in 2009. Photo: Will Tomkinson
Tree-chippin' in New Westminster in 2009. Photo: Will Tomkinson

We have luxuriated in the lovely pine scent of our Christmas tree for the last month, but the time has come to lift the ornaments from its weary branches and pack it off to the annual firefighters’ tree-chipping fundraiser on Saturday Jan. 9 & Sunday Jan. 10. from 11-4 in the parking lot at Canada Games Pool. To my toddler, the tree-chipping is a fitting crescendo finish for the holiday season: firefighters, face-painting, loud machines, BBQ and music from the NWSS Jazz Band. The tree-chipping is by donation.

This year there’s no easy way out of hauling your tree out to be recycled. There will be no curbside pickup, to keep within the Zero Waste Challenge (though to my mind, not picking it up doesn’t mean it’s not there …). If you miss the fun times at the firefighters’ event, the city’s recycling depot at Sixth & McBride will take your tree.

3 Replies to “Tree-chipping Jan 9 & 10”

  1. I wonder if I'll be able to take my tree there on the bus ?

    Kerbside pickup is a major boon to those of us trying to manage without a car.

  2. Good point Chris …. Maybe they're assuming you used a car to bring the tree home in the first place?

  3. It would be interesting to know how many trees they picked up from people's houses last year and, assuming that each one of those was taken by car to the recycling depot this year, how much extra CO2 resulted from those extra car journeys.

    I decided not to put the bus driver in an awkward situation, and instead dragged my tree the 2.6km to the tree chipping. They're both easier and harder to handle after Christmas – easier because you're not worried about damaging them, harder because they're not tied up nice and tight.

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