Questions from readers: What’s the torch route?

Today we asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter if they had any New West questions that we could try to answer. I’ll be working through the list over the next few days. Today, we start with an easy one: Celine Pitfield-Heidrich asked us something that I’m sure many local Olympic fans have wondered about: what is the parade route of the Olympic torch?

The quick answer is … we don’t know yet! I asked Jay Young, Chair of the Olympic Torch Celebration Committee, and he tells me that VANOC won’t be releasing the route for the Olympic Torch run through New Westminster until two weeks before February 9th.

I’ve asked to be let in on the big secret when the city’s other local media are notified, and we’ll let y’all know as soon as we do!

Until then, just for fun: what do you think the route should be? I’m going to bet it’ll be down Columbia Street, with an afterparty in Hyack Square, but perhaps a more picturesque route would be through Queen’s Park, with free hot chocolate for all!

Update: Tourism New West says on its Facebook page, “It’s coming! The Olympic Torch will be arriving in New West on Tues Feb 9th,2010. Huge celebration in Queens Park from 10:15am-12:15pm! Come and line the streets as the torch will pass through the beautiful streets of the Royal City!!” – looks like my second guess may be closer.

And speaking of Olympics … what will you do during those two weeks? Who’s got tickets? Who’s gettin’ outta dodge? Who’s making a killing renting out their basement suites? Will and I will be hunkered down in New West, avoiding SkyTrain and downtown – and renting a room to distant relatives who couldn’t find hotel accommodation while they’re in town doing business during the Olympics!

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  1. I thought I read in the Record that the party ends at Queen's Park. That's where the Torch Party is, anyway.

    We will be here, hanging out. But the Olympics open on my birthday so I will at least have one drink. Maybe two. And a half.

  2. Thanks for the update I was told school kids would be in on the route as they would normally be in school at the time the torch is passed in queens park. I think as we probably will not see another torch relay in this city for this we should all be able to see this one.

  3. We would like to take wheelchair residents from Queens park Centre to the feb 9th torch celebrations. We need to know if some of these celebrations are in the queens park arena so it won’t be so cold. We also need to know if it will be worth while for our residents as a person sitting in a wheelchair may not be able to see with alot of people standing. Please send some feedback and info. Many Thanks.

    Cathy Szigeti
    Therapeutic Services
    Queens Park Care Centre

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