CONTEST: Score a spot on the guest list at the River Market launch party

As announced at the last New West Downtown Residents Association meeting, tomorrow is the ‘big reveal’ of the River Market‘s anchor grocer, and an equally mysterious top-secret program called ONE.

We’ll find out what it’s all about tomorrow, but until then, let’s have a little fun. If you’d like a spot on the guest list at an exclusive VIP launch party courtesy of River Market and Tenth to the Fraser, leave a comment on this post with your best guess about what ‘ONE’ could be.

Here’s a hint: a Tenth to the Fraser source says it has something to do with a piggy bank…

Go ahead and take a stab at it. Everyone who comments will win a spot on the guest list for the launch party, and our favourite answer will win a complete set of Tenth to the Fraser’s New Westminster-lovin’ 1″ buttons (coming soon thanks to @punkvspunk‘s Artfag button-press).

Update: the answer was revealed in an email from River Market today. If you want to join us at the pre-opening event, just leave a note on this post and we’ll add you. Thanks to everyone for playing along … and I think dearheart wins the buttons!

Update II: River Market owner Mark Shieh likes what y’all have to say. He says he’ll arrange for personally deliver a specially selected bag of groceries from Donald’s on the Market’s new Bullitt delivery bike to the person who comes up with the best acronym for ONE.

19 Replies to “CONTEST: Score a spot on the guest list at the River Market launch party”

  1. I think ONE stands for the Outside Nature Evolution. They are going to make the River Market beautiful again.

    (Although I like dearheart's answer too!)

  2. I love dearheart's answer too. I am very excited about the new and improved market re-opening in my 'hood and I would love to go to the launch party! I think that ONE stands for Organic, Natural Experience and that the piggy bank represents Change – 'cause that's where you put your change… get it? 🙂

  3. Oooh, exciting stuff – can't wait for the new market: this development should – can be! – a cornerstone for the revitalized New West that is already coming into being…

    Hmmm, ONE… Our Neighbourhood Environment? But a piggy bank…??? I think dearheart scored a winner on that one 🙂

  4. I just got an announcement email from the River Market – so now I know what ONE is and the piggy bank. I also know who the new grocery store is going to be! Can't wait… it will be great to have a good place to go for fruits and vegs again…

  5. I'm not in the loop as many of the posters, so I guess the one and special partner is a bank. As in, were the one for you and you'll be lucky to have one dollar left after you finish buying!

  6. I'd love to be on the guest list! …but I just heard the answer. Sounds great!!!! Can't wait to the opening.

  7. Oooh! I want to be on the guest list!

    (But I’m not entering the contest as a little birdie already told me the answer and that’s not fair to others).

  8. Darn, I had an answer all thought out when I found out what the real deal was…

    I was hoping maybe they'd have an "Organic, Nutrient-rich, Enlightenment" program – a compost site for the green grocer in the market plus all us apartment-dwellers down at the Quay 🙂 As for the "piggy bank" – maybe they'd give us River Market coins to spend at the market in exchange for our contributed organic matter?

    See you at the opening, folks!

  9. “ONE” stands for “Oink Not Eeek” and the program is all about how the River Market supports free range, ethically-treated, happy pigs (and other animals).

    *LOL* 😀

  10. Y'all rock with your ideas about what ONE stands for. When we first imagined ONE, we thought one city, one percent, one piggy bank, etc. But your responses about O.N.E. knocks our socks off.

    Even though you now know what ONE "officially" references, keep posting what O.N.E. could stand for! We'll use a favorite as the program's nickname. Mark will personally deliver a bag full of goodies from Donald's to the contest winner on the Market's Bullitt delivery bike.

    Warming up for the Tour de New West this summer. Stay tuned for the upcoming cargo bike race!

  11. I have a suggestion for the acronym 'ONE' – something like "Our Neighbourhood Ethic" or "Our Neighbourhood Effect". Can't wait to see that bike…

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