River Market grocer, ONE program revealed

River Market just sent out the following information, via its e-newsletter. I’m copying the text here, for our readers who are not subscribed:

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

On behalf of the crew at River Market, we are extremely excited to announce that Donald’s Market will be our anchor grocer. Building on the success of its two stores in Vancouver, Donald’s Market will be creating a 7,600 square feet flagship store to serve New Westminster at River Market!

Our Food 360 vision is to create a destination that celebrates the full circle of food in a local, playful, passionate, and sustainable way. You can look forward to: growing food on site with edible gardens; an independent grocery store focusing on local and organic produce; specialty food vendors and restaurants; cooking events and food festivals; and a green initiative to compost food waste. Donald’s Market is an important partner in realizing this vision.

Thank you for all your support and feedback during our campaign for anchor grocer. We heard many of you say that, “having a grocer that has organic and fresh natural foods at reasonable prices in the area would be so beneficial to this community” and “I’m looking for great products that I can’t get at the big chain stores“. Throughout the tenant selection process, we took great care in discussing shared values and neighborhood fit. We believe Donald’s Market is fantastic. We love Donald’s approach:

1. QUALITY. Donald’s produce buyers personally select the fruits and vegetables purchased for the store every morning. They source sustainable ingredients from as close to home as possible. The result is consistent high-quality produce.

2. AFFORDABLE. Donald’s runs a tight ship. Rather than gimmicky promotions, they offer consistent low prices everyday.

3. RESPONSIVE. Donald’s is nimble and independent. Tell them if you have a favorite or hard-to-find item, they will do their best to bring it into the store. No approval from a far way corporate office is needed. Donald’s has been consistently voted one of the Best Independent Grocer in Georgia Straight.

4. LOCAL. In addition to its commitment to supporting local vendors and community groups, Donald’s ownership, heart and mind, is local. Donald’s local owners and managers are invested here and will reinvest in our city.

Reinvesting in our community is not just a pie-in-the-sky plan. Today, Donald’s Market and River Market are happy to announce the ONE New West program and the ONE Piggy Bank Fund.

It’s a customer appreciation program offered to loyal customers of Donald’s Market and River Market. The first 1000 customers to sign up will become its founding members.

As a member of ONE, every time you shop at Donald’s Market, you will be investing in New Westminster. Donald’s Market will contribute 1% of every dollar you spend to the ONE Piggy Bank Fund. Every year, you will nominate and vote on which New Westminster community groups and projects receive funding from this Piggy Bank.

And there’s more! Every year, Donald’s Market will also give 1% of every dollar you spend back to you. You, of course, have the option of directing your refund back into the Piggy Bank. With ONE, you get 1% and the community gets 1%. We applaud Donald’s Market for establishing this fund with us. In the coming months, we will also encourage other River Market tenants to participate. And with your support, we hope to expand this program to include additional businesses in New West.

Now let’s welcome Donald’s Market to New West. And let’s get started with ONE at http://bit.ly/oneinvite

Stay hungry and curious,

Mark, Mia, Julie, Blazenka, Leslie, and the River Market Crew.

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  1. I, too, read the email with much excitement and anticipation! Thank you, Mark and the rest of the River Market team, for your hard work in obtaining Donald's as the anchor tenant. And for listening and believing in the locals when they spoke. Now let's do our part and support them!

  2. I do most of my grocery shopping at Donald's Market here in East Van. Their fresh produce is amazing and very affordable!

  3. I echo the same as Rob J. When? or is this another tease?
    I think Donalds would be wise to open a second location on 12th Street. The West side of New West has about 3000 households with no grocery stoes in the hood.

  4. Hooray! When I moved from Vancouver, I lamented how much I’d miss Donald’s market. How wonderful that Donald’s has come to me!!!

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