Volunteers needed for June 5 Twelfth St. cleanup party

New Westminster MP Peter Julian and MLA Dawn Black will be hosting the sixth annual Twelfth Street Clean-Up on Saturday, June 5. Dawn & Peter will be there with their crew, with rubber gloves on and garbage bags in hand, and they hope you’ll join them in cleaning up litter along the street.

“It is not heavy work and many hands will make the job go quickly,” wrote Dawn in an email call for participation.

The cleanup crew meets at 10am in the parking lot at 1170 8th Avenue at 12th Street (behind Community Savings Credit Union) and will go out in the neighbourhood for an hour or two. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. All equipment such as garbage bags will be provided.

A free barbeque lunch will be given to all volunteers at 12 noon back in the parking lot, courtesy of the New Westminster Firefighters Charity Fund. In addition, each participant will receive certificates of appreciation from the MLA and MP.

If you are able to help out or need further information, phone 604-775-2101.

5 Replies to “Volunteers needed for June 5 Twelfth St. cleanup party”

  1. This is always a good event, though at times I'm puzzled why businesses would not bother trying to clean up graffiti and other such things from their doorways, entrances etc. That's a general comment btw, not meant to say that all businesses don't care or anything. A few years ago, I participated in one of these clean ups and spend a fair amount of time wiping off graffiti from the car lot walls up the hill near Edinburgh and 12th (I think). Perhaps the various business associations and the city should look into a joint anti graffiti initiative or something.

    The food's good as well.

  2. I think it's a pretty sad state when you need volunteers to clean up City property.

    Leave the garbage alone, and let the unionized labor pick it up, they voted for it !

    Just another example of how our City is failing the tax payer.

    Good to see our MP and MLA hard at work thanking volunteers for picking up the city slack.


  3. Dave Lundy, You are correct, there used to be a lot of Graffiti mainly on derelict buildings. In the past 2 years Councillor Chuck Puchmayr has taken over the Business Association (through his Partner) and he has his "Eyes on the Street" homeless team of paid workers casually cleaning 12th. Is this not sufficient?
    This planned clean up (although a long ways off) is nothing more than a political photo OP for the NDP Peter and Dawn which will highlight Judy Darcy. Although Dawn is not running in this election, I am sure she will be holding Judy Darcy's hand.
    Gee, what makes me think this is the case? The early invite, they are meeting at the recently opened NDP campaign office which also is shared by CUPE (located in Chuck's previous MLA office) One big happy family! Why not be honest and say what it really is? A POLITICAL RALLY.!
    While they meet they could ask CUPE workers if they would agree to KEEP the street clean regularly as they are well paid to do! More likely, however, the orders will come down to make sure the street is filthy by June 5th.
    Personally, I am fed up with the NDP, Civically, Provincially and Federally (and financially) ganging up on the electorate of the city of New Westminster during EVERY election.

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