Knittin’ In the Park Day

Yarn by LollyKnit via Flickr

This is from the local #NewWest knitting group, Knit 1, Take 2, that we’ve written about before. They’re takin’ it outside! There sure is lots going on in this city on the 29th!

Needles will be flying this Sunday in Queen’s Park as New Westminster’s community knitting group, Knit 1, Take 2, celebrates national Knit in the Park Day. Knitters of all levels will gather near the covered picnic area from 12-4 pm on Sunday, August 29th, for knitting, laughs and some yarn-inspired fun. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun and bring a picnic lunch and a blanket or chair.

National Knit in the Park Day was inspired by the West Coast Knitters Guild in Vancouver. They coordinated with knitting groups across Canada to raise the visibility of this artisan craft.

Knit 1, Take 2 hopes to begin a new tradition in New Westminster and coax out knitters in the community. Their weekly group meets Sundays at Waves Coffee House on Columbia Street. The group has a weekly topic, Show and Tell to showoff new projects and then open knitting time. Long time member Sylvia Stephanson says that there is a lot of information and “friendlier than Google!”

“Our group is founded on the principles that each person is important and has something to contribute, regardless of their knitting experience or personal background,” says Anne Whitmore, co-creator of the group. “What has amazed us is the depth of community amongst our members and their inspiration to make a difference.” Each member is expected to contribute to community projects which support local organizations with blankets for the homeless, winter gear for young self-supporting students and baby items for moms in high school.

Organizers hope that Knit in the Park Day in New Westminster will encourage knitters to contribute to the charity work.

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