New at TF: ‘New West Wednesdays’

One of my favourite things about running Tenth to the Fraser is reading what my New West neighbours have to say about our town. In the hopes of inspiring more discussion about our city, I’d like to announce a new feature on Tenth to the Fraser: New West Wednesdays.

As you know, I’m always looking for new contributors to the blog. But what I often hear is that people like the idea of writing but aren’t really sure what to write about. I’m hoping that a weekly writing prompt might inspire more people to write about our city, not just on Tenth to the Fraser, but anywhere on the internets.

Starting this week, every Wednesday I’ll post a topic for discussion on Tenth to the Fraser (which you’ll see if you subscribe via email, RSS, Facebook or Twitter). If you have something you want to say on the subject, comment on the blog (or Facebook, or Twitter) or put your name down for a guest post. If you’ve got your own blog you can write your thoughts there too (just send me the link and I’ll link back to you).

I’ll also be savin’ my #FollowFriday love for the Twitterfolk who participate in New West Wednesdays.

I’ll post the first writing prompt on Wednesday morning. What do you think should be the first topic for discussion?

3 Replies to “New at TF: ‘New West Wednesdays’”

  1. 10 minute lunch eating periods for SD40 elementry schools children and it relates to health canada and minstry guidelines on what children can eat in school.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Sam! I had already written the post for this week's instalment of New West Wednesdays, but I'll take note for a future post.

      NWgirl: Kids in New West get 15 minutes to eat their lunch before they have to go outside to play during the break. Some parents feel this is inadequate because this time includes time for students to go wash hands, set out their lunches, and clean up their lunches. Some parents have also heard from their kids that the lunch monitors are pushing kids to eat in even less time. From what I understand, most schools will make some accommodation for slow eaters, but parents are not satisfied with their kids having to bring their lunch to the principal's office to eat or taking it outside.

      That's how I understand it anyway. Do I have it right Sam?

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