Massey Victory Heights Annual Neighbourhood Garage Sale

Queens Park and Quayside aren’t the only neighbourhoods in New Westminster with a neighbourhood wide garage sale! Mark May 7th from 9AM to 3PM on your calendar and check out the Massey Victory Heights neighbourhood for great deals.

Where is Massey Victory Heights, you ask? Way over on the eastern tip of New Westminster, you can find the MVH neighbourhood. It is the area south of 10th Avenue and north of 8th Avenue, east of McBride and west of Columbia Street E, plus the two blocks bounded by Craig Avenue and Colby Street along Columbia Street E border.  Here are some details on the neighbourhood from the 2006 census.

If you’re a resident of the neighbourhood and would like to sign up – check out the residents association website.

If you’re a bargain hunter, check out this list of participants and a printable Google Map (being updated as more people sign up) so you can plan your strategy.


2 Replies to “Massey Victory Heights Annual Neighbourhood Garage Sale”

  1. The printable Google Map is a nice touch! I went to that sale a few years ago and it was lots of fun.

  2. I've gotten some great stuff from this garage sale in the past. Note to self: Do you REALLY need more stuff? Argh!

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