New West Wednesday: What will you vote for?

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s New West Wednesday about first impressions of the city. In honour of the upcoming federal election and the all-candidates meet & greet happening today at La Rustica, this week we’ll talk politics. Specifically: what do you vote for?

Note that I did not say who, though if you want to reveal your choice you’re welcome to do so. What I’ve got in mind is a few steps before you put a name to your vote, when you work out what issues truly matter to you and where you stand on those issues.

Here’s the video that inspired this New West Wednesday’s question:

What about you? As always, you can reply in the comments, post to your blog or chime in via Facebook or Twitter.

6 Replies to “New West Wednesday: What will you vote for?”

  1. The video is propaganda targeting 20 somethings in university with Iphones and facebook.
    Vote Mobs ! Sounds gangster. Reminds me of ACORN. Remember that band of scoundrels and how the organization worked ?

    It doesn't matter what you vote for, the system will not change, lawyers and businessmen are in charge now. Our democracy needs a serious overhaul, this is 2011, the Westminster system is a 150 year old relic.

  2. I would like to see proportional representation, that way your vote would truly mean something.
    I'm voting for issues regarding the environment and social programming.

    1. Please explain social programming? Is that like social engineering? The term itself sounds something akin to something out of either a science fiction novel, or a bygone era (late 30s and early to mid 40s in Europe). Its great to talk about "issues" but if no one understands what you're talking about (like social programming) its hard to understand the points you're trying to get across.

  3. I hear yesterday was the day of the year to get shiny-eyed….

    Speaking of that shiny-eyed video, since when did the red in our flag turn purple ? I thought the red was supposed to mean something. I guess purple has more Shahizzle to those young hipsters. They all walk around oblivious to the world tuned into a screen the size of a pack of smokes, texting with thumbs to their bff's. Mark my words, it's destined to fail.

    The major malfunction is the frequency we get to vote. Different issues come up through an elected officials term, but you only get to vote for the person, rarely the issue. And you would think in such a wired society that we would have progressed in such a way to address this, but no one once elected wants to see the system changed in a manour that would strip the power given to them through the people.

    It's a sickness of society.
    I still vote Jen, but I have no delusion on its meager impact.

  4. the malfunction that you are talking about Rick, the one where you cannot vote on issues just the party is because we are a Parliamentary democracy. Down south in the states you are allowed to vote on individuals and also individual issues, bills, changes in law, etc. This is called a federalist democracy. We dont have that, and judging by the success in the States we might not want that. No one likes a whiner, start changing if you want change, if you don't , the move your apathetic self outta the way.

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