Friendly, affordable eats at Couzies on Carnarvon

Couzies on Carnarvon. Photo: Daniel Fortin.
Couzies on Carnarvon. Photo: Daniel Fortin.

I try to eat a heathy breakfast of oatmeal and fruit most mornings. While this is probably what i should be eating, sometimes I crave something a bit more. Since moving to the other side of downtown, I’ve been frequenting Couzies on Carnarvon.

Couzies is a tiny little restaurant sandwiched between two currently vacant warehouse spaces on Carnarvon between 8th and 10th street. The seating indoors is limited but they have a large patio that will be great once the temperature warms up.

For breakfast they have a variety of wraps, eggs benedict and my favorite Couzies breakfast: 2 eggs 4 pieces of bacon, hash browns, toast and tomatoes for $5.99. Aside from breakfast, they have a pretty substantial lunch menu with everything from creative paninis to Coney Island hot dogs.

The atmosphere inside is great as well. It feels very comfortable. I can tell even after only going a few times that this little place has its full cast of regulars, from the construction workers to the old-timers enjoying their coffee. Everyone seems to get along and chime in on the conversation that makes its way around the small seating area of this great little spot.

It’s not modern, it’s not flashy, but the food is good and the people are friendly. If you get hungry in the morning and don’t feel like oatmeal, check it out!

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7 Replies to “Friendly, affordable eats at Couzies on Carnarvon”

  1. I frequent this place as well. Sad to see them move from Uptown, but when we head down the hill, this is usually one of our stops.

  2. Couzie's is definitely one of NW's gems. I did not know the uptown bistro, but the Carnarvon spot is great, esp for public transport users. True, the breakkies are fab, but there's so much more. Pour your own coffee, newspapers, lotsa specials (I hear the chili is fab), and I reckon nobody can resist a slice of the day's home-made pie that's always preening itself on the front counter. The lemon meringue is to do penance for. Burgers, too.

  3. Wow! I had no idea! I had always just passed this one by. I will be sure to check it out soon. Thanks for the post.

  4. We've been once, and the food was okay, but this is definitely not somewhere I'd go again in winter. It was FREEZING in there. Perhaps, with the arrival of warmer weather, it's time to give it another go? 🙂

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