Tenth to the Fraser endorses Peter Julian & Fin Donnelly this election

NDP lawn signs have taken over the West End. Photo: Will Tomkinson.
NDP lawn signs have taken over the West End. Photo: Will Tomkinson.

Peter Julian loves his job. But the incumbent Member of Parliament for Burnaby-New Westminster can’t help but wish Canada wasn’t so dang big. Twenty hours a week in airplanes and airports flying between Ottawa and New Westminster is the one part of the job he’d change.

“I don’t live in Ottawa. I live here. I wish the country was a little smaller,” Peter confided when he joined Will and I for a glass of beer at Drink a few days ago for a pre-election chat.

Will and I don’t always vote for the NDP, but this election there was no question who we would support. Peter’s an able representative for New Westminster and has a reputation as one of the hardest-working MPs in Ottawa.

On the other side of the electoral boundary, our friend and fellow editorial board member Jen Arbo, who usually votes Green, is also voting Orange this election (she explains why Fin Donnelly wins her vote on her personal blog, the Arbolog).

Given the recent shenanigans in Ottawa, I was disappointed to see The Globe & Mail, the Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers all endorse Steven Harper’s Conservatives. In New Westminster, the Tenth to the Fraser editorial board endorses the NDP.

And we are by no means alone. This once ho-hum election has taken a surprising turn towards the end, with pollsters across the country reporting an NDP surge that has caught everyone, including the NDP, by surprise. On Monday when the polls close, we could see another Harper minority, but it’s also possible it could be a Harper majority (thanks to vote-splitting on the progressive side) or even an NDP-led coalition government.

The Georgia Straight has also endorsed Peter Julian and Fin Donnelly in New Westminster. Here’s their rationale:

Peter Julian:

This is a no-brainer. He’s a very capable politician with a firm grasp on complicated issues, including health care and international trade. Julian is also bilingual, which raises the possibility of him becoming a future leader of the party should Layton decide at some point to step down.

First elected in 2004, he wins with larger pluralities in each successive election. This time should be no different. If the NDP pulls off the upset of the century and wins the most seats, Julian will go straight into cabinet.

Fin Donnelly:

The former Coquitlam councillor won a stunning landslide in a 2009 by-election by appealing to traditional New Democrats in New Westminster as well as the sizeable number of environmentally minded voters in the Tri-Cities. As the NDP fisheries critic, he has been a relentless opponent of open-net fish farms. He also introduced a private member’s bill to ban oil supertankers off the north coast.

For many years, Donnelly has maintained strong ties with B.C.’s aboriginal community. He helped win trust by swimming the length of the Fraser River twice to raise awareness about the importance of protecting fish habitat.

For his part, Peter Julian thinks that voters, particularly young voters, have had enough of negative campaigning and Steven Harper’s legendary message control. According to Peter, the NDP in New Westminster are seeing unusually high numbers of volunteers in their 20s and 30s getting involved in the campaign. In addition, the advance poll turnout is much higher than in previous years, which may indicate a trend towards higher voter turnout overall.

“There is something phenomenally profound about what has happened over the last few weeks across the country. We’re getting reports that people are saying that people are stepping up to vote for an NDP government, and they like Jack, they like that the campaign is positive and that it is substantive issues we are talking about,” Peter said. “I think there’s a pretty profound transformation happening now as we speak.”

At the same time, polls can be misleading and can lead people to change their vote based on what other people are doing, rather than vote for the candidate they most support. Renee Stephen tweeted that it would be more useful for Elections Canada to ban polls instead of election-day tweets revealing early results. I asked Peter about this too.

“My father’s written a book on this, on polls. I think polls have their place but I think it bothers me to the extent the the mainstream media covers polls instead of the real issues,” Peter told me. “We get a lot of information on polls but we don’t get a lot of information on homelessness and poverty and record levels of student debt. These are the kind of issues that actually have a profound impact on people’s lives.

“The polls are a superficial and cheap way of saying you’re covering politics without really covering the impacts of what politics does.

In Peter’s view, the government’s role is to create a level playing field for all citizens, particularly caring for the weakest among us.

“You must put the resources to the essentials and take care of them first. Over the last 15 years there’s been a noticeable decline in our quality of life and standard of living because our priorities aren’t right.

“We’ve seen a diminishing of the government and at the same time we’ve seen a number of our resources allocated to what I would call pet projects like corporate tax cuts, expensive fighter jets and the G20 summit. ”

The Liberals and the Conservatives typically try to frame the discussion as a two-way race with them as the parties most likely to win. As I mentioned in the beginning, the NDP’s showing more support in the polls currently than the Liberals, but even if they weren’t, a vote for a third party shouldn’t be assumed to be a wasted vote.

Having an NDP MP hasn’t penalized New West in terms of federal funding dollars (we received federal dollars to help build the new youth centre and the riverfront Pier Park, to name two examples), nor has it prevented Peter Julian from passing new legislation. Private Member’s Bills introduced by Peter include tougher drunk driving laws that would lower the blood alcohol limit required to establish impaired driving and eliminating the toxic substances (PBDEs) found in fire retardants, a Bill that is strongly endorsed by firefighters and supported by more than 130 Canadian municipalities including the City of Burnaby and the City of New Westminster.

And so, regardless of how this election turns out: Conservative majority or minority, Liberal or NDP-led coalition, or even a Green Party sweep, Will and I are endorsing Peter Julian as our New Westminster representative, and we agree with Jen’s endorsement of Fin Donnelly in New Westminster-Coquitlam.

Peter has a track record of tirelessly working for New Westminster and continues to bring an optimism and energy to his work in Ottawa that we admire and respect. He’s a damn good MP and we are lucky to have him. He easily outshines the other candidates in his riding.

In New West-Coquitlam, Conservative Diana Dilworth is a respectable candidate. She’s a smart woman and has a lot to offer public life. But although she believes she can work for change from within the Conservative party if elected, we respectfully disagree. The Conservatives under Steven Harper are so tightly controlled that we believe it is unlikely that Diana would be able to advance the causes she believes in.

Like Jen, we believe that Fin Donnelly has shown himself to be a solid advocate for environmental and community issues. We’d like to see him have more time in Ottawa to show us what he can do.

All that said, while we wanted to share who we were voting for and why, we’d like to hear your opinion. Whether you agree or disagree with our choice of Peter Julian and Fin Donnelly for New Westminster, please share your election picks in the comments. And no matter who you vote for, you’re welcome to join us in watching the election results roll in at the Vote Party, May 2 from 5:30pm onward at the Heritage Grill. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Well now I have to post my poem… 😉


    liberal? yes that’s me
    small “l” liberal, always have been . . .
    small “c” conservative too, conserving, hopefully
    conservation is a good word . . .
    did I ever vote for Trudeau?
    probably not memorably

    that photo of David Anderson with me
    and a few others at a picnic in Victoria
    must have been circa 1972
    I probably voted Liberal that year
    probably voted for David
    along with a few others on that blanket

    David, finally in Ottawa, had a long career
    but I don’t remember voting Liberal . . .
    Trudeau never embarrassed me
    Trudeau did amuse me
    I’m proud of Trudeau
    but wasn’t part of Trudeau-mania . . .

    I’m glad Pierre was older than Al
    Margaret younger than I was
    but – what was the purpose of this poem?
    oh yes – I have voted NDP, I know that
    but never so much for the person
    till Jack turned my head . . .

    Jack Layton, that smarty-pants-from-Toronto
    I’ve been proud of him since his victory speech
    at the leadership convention!
    time for a dark horse, a bright horse!
    our bright hope –
    Jack Layton!

    Franci Louann June 25, 2004
    Rewritten September 30, 2008

  2. Briana.. Your post reflects on many of the reasons why I have supported Peter Julian since his nomination run in 2004, and continue to. I found the Conservative campaign to be nothing short of fear mongering, arrogant, misleading and the like. And as for the Liberals, If anyone has seen the Liberal candidate for Burnaby New Westminster, please contact your local police department and advise them to his location. Is there even one? But see, that's a microcosm of this election campaign. In Parliament and out, it has never been the Liberals offering a true alternative to the boogeyman scare tactics of the Harper conservatives. The polling numbers throughout the country show that people are really and truly fed up with a party that "runs from the Left and governs from the Right" as generation after generation of Liberals have. They see through Michael Ignatieff's political plaigerism (note I know its the wrong spelling, but for pete's sakes I've tried and tried and tried and never get the word right. Its the bane of my existence 🙂 ) and know that though he talks out of one side of his mouth about Corporate tax cuts being bad, he and his party are on record time and again as supporting them by either voting in favour of them directly, or ducking confidence votes. Ultimately, when the "brows" get moving, you know he's not telling the truth. And in this campaign, they've moved so many times that if he was 100 lbs lighter he'd take off like a helicopter.

    Here's why the Harper Conservatives aren't good for Canada. They talk about the respect they have for our fighting men and women, and about the need to provide nothing but the best for them. What they don't talk about is how they cut the benefits to those same fighting men and women who return home injured or disabled from fighting for this country. For example a soldier returning from Afghanistan permanently disabled used to receive a lifetime pension. Now all they get is a 200,000 kiss off. Some people would say, "hey, that's a lot of money. Its not that bad." Except if that person is 20 to 40 years old, and would need an income of $40,000 / yr to live on. Work it out then. Its disgusting and depolorable that a government that says it honours and values the sacrifices our fighting men and women make would do that to them. Its one of the reasons why the fired Veterans Ombudsman, Pat Stogren, former commanding officer of the PPCLI has endorsed Jack Layton and the New Democrats.

    But yet there's Forseth, Brett and Tupper telling everyone, "the Conservatives love our armed services men and women and we'll prove that by spending 29 billion on fighter bombers (engines and cost of engines not included). Hmmm. Doesn't add up does it? Lots of money to blow on aircraft that may or may not meet the logistical aims of the Canadian Forces, yet take it out of the hides of the people on the ground, risking and giving their lives in a foreign country, trying to bring democracy to a land long in need of reform.

    This type of rank hypocrisy in the Conservative platform is one reason why I'm so passionate about absolutely exposing them for what they truly are. Its Eday minus one. The press took their best shot the other day in Sun Media with some half baked story about Layton in a massage parlour in 1996. The Conservatives (and their media allies) must be soo desparate and afraid to lose that they have to dig that deep to find a ridiculous story to try and stop the momentum across the country. I hope Monday is a historic evening. Its guaranteed to be one of the more memorable election days in recent history.

    1. David, If you are concerned about spelling, TTTF is one of the few Blogs possessing a spell check. About 1/4 of and inch above where you are creating your comment.
      I agree that Peter, Fin and Dawn are well-respected politicians however do not believe the party they represent have policies in place to support the businesses who create jobs (unless public service jobs) . Businesses like your employer who receives corporate tax benefits in order to pay $30 (including ample and generous benefits) per hour while you spew negatives about. large business. Can you spell hypocrisy? As for Franci's recycled poem (keep your day job Franci). The poem surely proves that like many people, they vote for their favourite candidate hoping they will be saved, rather than voting for party policy which will bring wealth to ALL citizens of this country. TTTF has clearly endorsed NDP, if not for any other reason than to be accepted by the majority of the popular vote in New West. For all the good they have been doing promoting small business, it dismays me they would not remain none partisan, but instead come out in support of socialism.

      1. i'm glad you weighed in John, because as always we like to see a wide variety of opinions on Tenth to the Fraser. I am disappointed that you see the endorsement as related to being accepted by the popular vote in New West. The fact is that it's hard to vote for anyone else in these two ridings. We always vote for our local candidate first, and Peter and Fin are as strong as they come. As I said in my post, Diana is a contender, but in our opinion, not under Stephen Harper's leadership.

        As a small business owner, I am surprised that you don't see the merits in the NDP prioritizing tax cuts and other incentives for small business instead of tax cuts for larger corporations. Small businesses are the real engines of our economy and I agree with the NDP that the benefits to the community and the economy of helping small business outweigh the impact of corporate tax cuts.

        As I said at the close of the post, I would like it if people who disagree would share which New Westminster candidates they would endorse and why. I'd like to see you follow up on your comment and share your own endorsement.

  3. Briana, strikingly absent in you endorsement/analysis of the NDP is any discussion of their policies. You seem to go purely on personality, which I believe is a big mistake. Heck, I see Peter and Dawn around town and its all friendly. And ahy not? We're all neighbours and its New Westminster, so we stick together.

    But come on, why the kid-gloves on the NDP's crazy, hard-left economic agenda? Remember when Obama was running for the nomination and he made headlines in Canada because he said he would end the Canada/USA free-trade agreement? Do you realize how catastrophic that would have been for our economy? Obama said it as a ploy, but the NDP actually want to do it! The NDP are a socialist party, and I wonder why so few people want to debate the merits of socialism. I don't think NDP voters realize what they are voting for.

    All the parties in Canada support our generous social safety net. The only way to afford this net is through a prosperous economy. The only way to have a prosperous economy is to encourage private industry to flourish. The way to do that is provide an attractive business environment in which to operate. The NDP will create a toxic business environment and therefore destroy our financial means of supporting our safety net.

    Before you vote NDP, think.

    1. Dave,

      Regarding our generous safety net, I'd like to point out that it was the NDP (and their predecessor, the CCF) were the forerunners in creating employment insurance, the Canada Pension Plan, and medicare (the CCF started the first Medicare system in Canada when they were the ruling party of Saskatchewan).

      As the public bought into the NDPs platform, the Liberals and Conservatives realized that their support base was being eroded, and started "borrowing" ideas from the NDP. We have the NDP to thank for our generous social net.

      If the NDP vanished, would Harper start privatizing health care? The NDP, and the number of votes they get, is an indication to the other two parties of how far left of center they have to go to maintain support, or how far right of center they can go before they start to lose support.

      BTW, I am not an NDP supporter, and I do not plan to vote for them. But I recognize that they have a very large role in our current political environment, and they punch far above their weight-class.

      1. Your prediction was quite prophetic. The destruction of both the Bloc in Quebec and the Liberal vote throughout Canada in an example of this. For the time being, Canada is a 2 party state still only instead of the Black Cats and the White Cats, its the Black Cats and the Orange Cats, formerly known as the White Mice. (Sorry Mr. Douglas to use your Mouseland view of Canadian politics.) I think that the NDP have a chance to show the country that in the political dynamic of Canada, that the NDP can speak for the middle and middle left of the political spectrum.

    2. Thanks for your opinion Dave. Like John, while you have attacked my opinion you haven't shared your own endorsement. I know whose sign you have on your lawn, but not everyone does. I'd appreciate if you shared your reasons for choosing the candidate you favour as well as criticizing my own choice. I appreciate the alternative perspective, and I don't mind the criticism. I just always try to encourage people to include a positive action along with their criticism. You say "don't vote NDP" but you don't say what you'd like people to do instead.

      You are right that I don't get into a big dissection of policy. I don't want to put words in Jen and Will's mouths, but for my part, personality is part of the equation, though not the only factor. Specifically, I want to feel like my local representative in Ottawa is someone I can trust to be working to the best of his or her ability not just to advance their party's national platform but also local, community issues. In my riding (Burnaby-New West), the Liberal candidate didn't even return my phone calls regarding the all-candidates event (and was the only no-show). Paul Forseth gets points for showing up, but in the years that I've been following his letters to the editor and his posts on his own blog, he rarely mentions New Westminster let alone New West issues. The Conservative party gets an additional black mark for Stephen Harper's fanatical message control. I don't want to see a party in power with a leader who won't take questions from reporters and whose local representatives mostly parrot the party line.

      That decides it for me. Maybe not for everyone else. I'm not out to convince anyone to change their vote, but I did want to open the conversation on the blog and share how Jen, Will and I came to our decision. I have also read the NDP platform and I have been following the media's coverage (particularly the Globe & Mail's follow-up with prominent Canadian economists about the potential impact of an NDP government) and I am not convinced that supporting the NDP will somehow ruin Canada's economy.

      Socialism isn't a dirty word to me. Besides, it is very unlikely the NDP will win a majority government this time around. I think it's most likely that the NDP will be the Official Opposition, and may form a coalition government with the Liberals. Jack's a team player, and if the Liberals and Conservatives can bring themselves to play nice with him, I think the result could be really positive. The NDP have their heart in the right place, and even if they wanted to spend Canada into the poorhouse (which I don't believe), they will be held in check by the Liberals and Conservatives. If the Conservatives do win a majority and the NDP is the Official Opposition, that's fine too.

      Good debate Dave, and I hope you do follow up by posting your endorsement as well.

      1. Briana: I thought EVERYONE know I am in favour of the Conservatives. I wrote to the paper as such many times. My wife was a nomination contestant to be the Conservative candidate.

        But point taken, and therefore…David Brett says….drum roll….Vote Conservative!

        Forseth or Dilworth. As I wrote in the RCR, that is the ONLY way to change things in NW.

        Why Conservative? 3 reasons: the economy, the economy and the economy.

        No matter what our aspirations for social programs, safety, the environment or national defense, it will ALL be expensive. The recent global recession has been ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING to the USA, Europe and other major economies. Canada has sailed through relatively unscathed due to the shrewd financial management of Harper, who is an economist.

        Keep that in mind. Harper is an economist, not an entertainer or salesman. He's not Bill Clinton or Obama. He's not going to light the world of fire with his oratory. But he's done what we needed done. That is, keep a financial lid on things so we didn't fall off a cliff.

        Let's be honest, the "hate" that has been coming from the left towards Harper is NOT deserved. The left is mad because the Conservatives are winning. Thats it.

        Brianna, you might be averse to talking policy now, but if the NDP gets ANY power tonight, look-out, it will be 100% about the policies, which have proven disastrous in the past (Ontario, BC, for example).

        Did I say vote Conservative?

        My recent post Avatarred and Feathered- Mining Gets Titanic Smear Job

        1. Congratulating Harper for steering us through the recession holds about as much weight as criticizing Obama for the US recession.

          The sound fiscal banking policies were the result of the Liberals under Martin rejecting deregulation. The surplus Canada had prior to 2008? Started by the Liberals under Chretien.

          Lets not give credit where credit is not due. Harper inherited a well regulated financial system, with low inflation and interest rates, backed up by large and consistent surpluses.

          BTW, I am not a Liberal supporter, nor will I be voting Liberal.

          1. A balanced view of Harper from The Economist:

            "Mr Harper’s record is in some ways impressive. Canada sailed through the recession better than any other large developed economy. True, that was mainly because of Asian demand for Canada’s natural resources, as well as the strong fiscal position and well-regulated banking system Mr Harper inherited from the Liberals. But he deserves credit for having administered a limited and effective fiscal stimulus, and for promoting investment through corporate tax cuts. Employment is higher now than when the Tories took over in 2006."
            My recent post Avatarred and Feathered- Mining Gets Titanic Smear Job

        2. Hmm. Well the political dynamic shifted in Canada on election day. And now, I'm sure all will be quiet on the federal front for the next 4 years. I laugh about the 3 reasons why to vote Conservative. Its laughable because why not look at the Conservative record on the economy, economy and economy over the times in power in the last 30 years. Deficit, deficit, deficit, deficit, oh yeah and let's not forget… DEFICIT. Tax cuts to corporations in a down economy and in a good economy.

          I also giggle hilariously at your comment about Harper… "But he's done what we needed done. That is, keep a financial lid on things so we didn't fall off a cliff. " More revisionist history. Do you not recall that Harper dithered when everyone else in the world was putting together stimulus packages. In fact I believe Steve was the last of the G8 nations to offer protections to the economy in terms of targeted spending and the like, long after the US, Europe and Asia had.

          Don't get me wrong, its not the Conservatives I don't like. Diana Dilworth is quite personable, and even likeable. And on election night, I was even pulling for Deborah Meredith in Vancouver Quadra. I wanted to see "Environmentally Friendly Grizzly Hunting" Joyce Murray go down to defeat. What I really do not like about the Conservatives is the fact that they go around, piously preaching that they support our Armed Forces men and women, yet have openly attacked and gutted the pensions and benefits for those same men and women who come home injured or disabled. All in the name of continuing to lower the corporate tax rate, and then enter into a multi billion dollar spending spree on so called fighter bomber jets (engines not included).

          "That is, keep a financial lid on things so we didn't fall off a cliff. " No, we didn't fall off the cliff, but people have been pushed to the edge by some of the policies of Harper, such as rewarding countries that take jobs offshore (hello Telus and the forestry sector) with huge tax windfalls and tax breaks. All the while racking up deficit after deficit after deficit.

          David, when its really about the Economy stand up and let me know. To me, its 4 years of more of the same crap, only there's an orange wall, loud and proud who unlike the Fiberals won't bail out when its time to "Stand Up For Canada."

    3. David, I respect your decision to vote for the Conservatives for your personal reasons. For me it is about the person (not personality), and against the other candidates, Fin is the only one I can safely say I have met, shook hands, and talked with. He's the only candidate that comes to the events of the organizations I work and support, and he is the only one that I think if I went to him with an issue, he'd do what he can to try and help me with the resources he has. Why shouldn't I vote for that?

  4. The whole campaign has been a blur – I think I’ve missed it all.

    I still have no idea who I am going to vote for. I don't like the Conservatives, the Liberals seem a pale shadow of themselves (from the good ol’ Chretien and Martin days), and I can't vote NDP (federal or provincial) from the moment I heard Glen Clark say that the fast-ferries would be on budget, right down to the toilet paper in the bathrooms.

    I usually vote Green, and probably will again, but Green is starting to look like a single-policy party. I have a tough time taking a Green answer seriously when it's about something like social housing. It's just not their thing.

    In Europe, it struck me that the Green Party got their foot in the door at the local (municipal) level where real change can be made, and then progressed to broader levels of government from there. While it's great we have a national party, it seems like the cart is being put before the horse. Local action is where the most good can be done.

    I'd like to see a few city councilors on the green-bandwagon, pushing for more community gardens, more transit, and so forth. Mathew Laird got my first political donation when he ran on a similar platform, and the NWEP is involved with these issues.

    1. It is arguable that Mr.Cote is the green candidate for council. Zero Waste Challenge, sustainable building practices, community gardens, municiple organic waste collection, mutli-family waste etc.

  5. Hard left economic agenda????? NDP platform calls for small business tax cuts. How "Hard Left" is that. NDP platform rewards companies and corporations who create and keep jobs in Canada with lower corporate tax rates, than those who take our tax money and create jobs in the Phillipines, Guatamala, and other third world countries, all in the name of increasing record profits while hurting their employees in Canada. Offering tax cuts is not "Hard Left" economics David Brett. Bud, you're spinning out of control. Perhaps because your party can't break through federally or provinically in New Westminster. Might I suggest a move to South Surrey to appease your "Hard Right Neo Con" like thinking.

    1. John, $30/hr???? Come on now. Now I'm not going to discuss specifics of what I make (as I'm in a public forum and am at present getting ready to enter "meaningful collective bargaining" with my employer) but I can assuredly tell you that I do not make $30/hr in wages, pension and benefits. I'm under that line. When it comes to corporate vs small business taxes, one only needs to look at the HST. But that's a fight for another time. Right now I want to talk about the North American economy. The same line Harper uses when talking about competitiveness. In Canada, Corporations already enjoy a luxury thats hard to come by in the US, government funded health care. While the costs skyrocket for medical / dental plans in the US and continue to, in Canada, alot of businesses don't have to bear as big a cost in terms of this. This gives Canadian companies a huge advantage when competing with their US counterparts. What's wrong with the NDP's proposal to reward companies (and Corporations) who keep jobs in Canada, or create jobs in Canada, rather than rewarding companies like Telus, and the various big lumber companies who have off shored Canadian jobs, while getting huge tax breaks from Harper and before that Martin and Chretien. The result of those corporate tax cuts has been the short funding of our medical system, increased wait times, user fees, downloaded costs to the provinces. The same erosion for federal funding has occurred with education transfer payments and the like. Martin started the process of robbing from surpluses (eg the 60 Billion dollar EI Surplus that was transferred into general revenue. That money could have been used for rate stabilization but that opportunity was lost). And Harper came in with a huge surplus and that surplus was nothing he had done, but allowed Canada to sort of skirt the World economic crisis. There was some pain, but not as much as in the US.

      Now, its a 55 billion dollar deficit, and talk about blowing billions on fighter jets with no engines. Not only that, but one could argue that those jets are being paid for off the backs of disabled veterans, who Harper cut long term benefits to. However it goes John, it should be an interesting night. But with regards to how much I make at my job, I'm sure you were just jabbing a bit at me. Cause surely I wouldn't discuss how much you may or may not make in a public forum. Careful listening is also a good skill. Particularly when someone tells you they work for a division of a certain company and not that company themselves.

  6. David.. stop the boogeyman politics buddy. Ya know when the Cons only response to Layton's upsurge is to pull out someone's police notes from 15 years ago (note: no criminal charges were ever filed so whats the big deal) about an incident that only one media outlet took and run with (Fox…err Sun Media) that's a sign of desparation. Almost as much desparation as writing "Nauseating Political" drivel.

  7. I voted today and voted my heart, mind, and soul. I voted Liberal.

    For me, as an owner of two small businesses in New Westminster, it is the party directives that are important to me. I don't care about the local candidates and their personalities and charisma. I want the best person in Ottawa to represent me and my interests.

    This, in a huge nutshell, is how it boils down for me:

    Conservatives – Industry, national defense, religiosity.
    Liberals – Small business, betterment of Canada as a whole, moderate.
    NPDs – Union, high taxes and frivolous spending, no accountability.
    Greens – Environment, environment, environment.


  8. …from above.

    I sincerely do not understand how small business owners can justify voting NDP as the party goes against everything that small business is about. The NDP's recent and blatant attempts this election to attract Liberal voters by promoting their small business platform is a ridiculous smokescreen. I do understand voting for individual candidates that people feel comfortable with; however, I think the reality of what that will mean to the business itself will be shocking to those small business owners if the NDP happens to reach substantial levels of power in this election.

    I will be on hand at tonight's Vote Party at The Heritage Grill with my NDP-supporting friends and fellow small business owners, hoping that whatever happens will be in the best interests of all of us.

  9. Good for you Brigette. And btw.. its NDP. NPD is the french version. I would vote Liberal if I knew where the Liberals were hiding in these 2 ridings. Well then again, I wouldn't given their penchant for going whichever way the wind blows.

  10. Well, Congratulations to Peter Julian and Fin Donelly for their election wins in New West last night.

    Also congratulatuons for local Blue Supporters David and Lorraine Brett and John Ashdown for the Majority Conservative government that the voters delivered at the polls.

    I miss Joe Clark.

    1. Why? Because he fell in record time in a no-confidence vote?

      Edit: sorry, that was John Turner that fell in record time (3 months) – Clark held on for 10 months.

      1. Probably the deep voice. Brian Mulrouny was a baratone, Turner a fifth below that… but Joe Clarke: you needed a sub-woofer to hear anything he said.

  11. Umm, I know that the ballot is supposed to be secret, but I take immense pride and pleasure in knowing that my VOTE for the NDP cancelled out David Brett's vote for the Conservatives.

    1. Good debate from the "Dave's" and thanks Brigette for your factual and common sense comments. I too, as a small business person in New West, are fully aware of doing business in an NDP dominated city. Stay neutral in your political views or you will be boycotted out of business, regardless of how well you run your business or how much you give back to the community.

      Thanks Will for the short congrats….. for voting blue. And, thanks Brianna for the good words about Coming Home cafe. If all your political allies were to do the same, more businesses would survive.

  12. Jen, When a media service endorses a political party or specific candidates their statement is very wide spread. __If this is your political opinion and shared by Brianna, Will, or other moderators of the TTTF so be it. But say so! It is your vote, as you clearly state, and only your vote. Not everyone reading TTTF. My comment of being dismayed is a blog should derive comments from all, not set up as TTTF against other political parties. With that, I am sure the TTTF will be very active. as are other " Political Blogs ". I stand by my comment, TTTF has endorsed the popular vote in New West…..

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