New West Wednesday: Unique boutiques

Thinking about the coming blog posts I’m preparing about Aroka Vintage and Red Brick gets me wondering about what undiscovered little shops around New West I may have missed. This week, let’s share a little love with the shopkeepers of New West. Share your picks for great local boutique shopping in the comments, via Twitter or on Facebook. Gotta love a good excuse to go shopping!

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  1. I always enjoy spending time at Board Game Warriors (708 Clarkson St). Kirby has a great little store, with a huge variety of games packed into it. The back of the store opens up Tuesday evenings and Saturdays, where they have tables and games available for playing (there's a list of the games on the website). It's great to be able to try out a game before committing to buying it, and Kirby definitely knows his stuff.

  2. Well, I'd like to put a plug in for Westley's Military Surplus at 623 Front Street, for all your Canadian, and international camo fashions and fashion accessories at great prices !

  3. We have found some great items at Champagne Taste. We found them to be very helpful and the prices were really reasonable.

  4. Uptown Market has fab flowers and a great selection of products. Copp's Shoes on Columbia is amazing – like a trip back in time. Be sure to check out the cash register – it's original. And in the very back of the store are hundreds of pairs of leather children's shoes from like the 60s-80s (not sure how old they are) but they are $9.99/pair and are beautifully made. I bought my toddler son a pair ofold-school Clark's wallabees for ten bux! Lofty Living on Columbia has beautiful home decor, furniture and gift items – they have some beautiful mailboxes there! The army and navy has CHEAP Canucks jerseys!! I found a real adult Reebok one there for $50 (how this is possible I don't know!). Kid's Closet on 6th st and 4th ave is awesome – they carry almost everything you could need for your kids (bottles, feeding stuff, shoes, cloth diapers plus books & toys) saving you a trip to the big box store. And I am always amazed at what I can find at the local dollar stores, all independently owned (except dollarama).

  5. Considering how tiny it is, I've been finding lots to buy at Tiny Goods in the River Market. I bought some Abeego Wraps, which are a great alternative to saran wrap (and they smell nice too, like beeswax). The Amazing Cream really is amazing. The nuts (hazelnuts, I think) are yummy too, though I have to confess, I haven't actually bought any, just tested the samples.

  6. It's not a boutique, but I'll also put a plug in for Yin Leong Farm in Queensborough. Lots of reasonably priced bedding plants, hanging baskets and fruits and vegetables. Come over to the "other side," it's worth it.

  7. Speaking boutiques: does anyone know what "Shine" is? It's going into the spot where Kiss A Frog used to be at the corner of 10th Ave and 12th St.

  8. Another week of Boutique ?

    How's about Fantasy Factory at 1109 Royal ave. Get your freak on and pick up some fantasy wear and accessories sure to raise a few eyebrows. While your there don't forget to check out the selection of whips, chains and other personal indulgences that are sure to please !

    And remember, peep shows are still ONLY 25 CENTS !

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