New West Wednesday: Relaxing Outdoor Spot

Last time, Briana asked what your favourite festival is, and it got me really thinking about how many lovely places there are to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Right now, my favourite place is Tipperary Park. I admit I’m biased – the farmers market is there every Thursday from 3-7 and as most of you know, RCFM is my employer. But, there is nothing finer than taking a ten minute break and wandering through the Friendship Gardens. Some of my earliest memories in New West stem from this park’s convenient location directly across the street from my old apartment.

Photo by Dennis Sylvester Hurd

What’s your favourite outdoor chill-out spot in New Westminster?

BONUS: Everyone who replies to us this week will be entered to win a $5 token to spend at RCFM and a limited edition ceramic double walled mug. We’ll use a random number generator on Tuesday June 28th at 4:00pm PST to pick a winner from the contest. Fine print: prize must be picked up at the market due to postal strike. Good luck!


13 Replies to “New West Wednesday: Relaxing Outdoor Spot”

  1. Hi Jen!

    I don't want to tell you about my relaxing spot – I learned about it from another New Westie and I like the fact that it is kind of a secret 🙂 Let's just say that it is along the river and it is a great place to catch a breeze on the hottest of days and watch the planes.
    See you at the Market!

  2. I love going to Hume Park swimming pool in the summer. It's small, but it's a great spot to meet friends and neighbours and relax on a hot day. Can't wait until those hot days are here again!

  3. Glenbrook Ravine park. When you are in the ravine, you can't hear any of the nearby traffic or trains – only birds and the sound of the creek. You'd hardly know you're in the middle of a city it's so quiet and secluded.

  4. Wow! can you New Westies pick them! I was married in Tipperary Park (Friendship Gardens) in the 80's and to Marge in Glenbrook Ravine Park. Both are evertyhing you say! However, for me relaxing! Not on those days. I now go to Sapperton Landing and gaze at the river. Looking forward to Pier Park to hook up to Sapperton landing. Any where there is water is good.

  5. I just discovered Glenbrook Ravine Park, sure it's surrounded by condos, but it's so quiet, except for the birds. I also find it relaxing to walk along the Quay. I love watching the tugboats, looking for seals and sea lions and looking at all the gorgeous flowers along the way.

  6. Well, many of my faves have already been mentioned: Glenbrooke Ravine (also a great spot to incorporate into a run), Sapperton Landing, and Friendship Gardens which I discovered years ago with a friend while at Douglas College. So, in the interest of being a little different I also enjoy lower Hume Park along the Brunette River down on the floodplain near the Weeping Willows. Like John, I recognize all my fave spots include water.

  7. well i have to say that my back yard on my lounger is one of my fave places to relax in new west =) or sitting on the park bench at sinclair park … where the kids can play and I can sit and enjoy the warm summer nights ( well if we ever get the weather!!!!0

  8. Hey Jen,
    Who was the winner? I figured I had pretty good odds with 1 in 7! It beat Lotto 6-49

    1. Thanks for the reminder Neil! I picked the winner but didn't post here and didn't email! Dale Miller was the winner. Dale, reply and let me know you see this, otherwise I'll email you tomorrow.

      1. Congrats, Dale. I actually was just taking in Glenbrook Ravine yesterday. It was a beautiful morning to stop and take in the turtles at the pond.

  9. Thanks again Jen. The mug is great and that $5 token went a long way toward the peppers, campari tomatoes and garlic scapes we picked up while we were there. The market is always a highlight of the week.

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