Quayside Festival and Sale August 20th

Photo by eych-you-bee-ee-ahr-tee on Flickr

This weekend marks the 5th Annual Quayside Festival and Sale and I have to admit that this was one of my favourite community events last year. And it wasn’t just because I sold  a tonne of my unwanted cast-offs – it was because it was a nice sunny day and hanging out by the river is always a nice thing to do.

Says event organizer and Quayside Board president, James Crosty, “Over 7,500 people are expected to stroll more than a kilometer along the Boardwalk from the River Market to Quayside Park at the Rail Bridge. It is an event for the entire family-both young and old alike, or friends to enjoy being together while enjoying an incredible day of shopping, recycling, lively music, fun, festivities, eating, farmers market and so much more.”

The 5th Annual Festival is Saturday, August 20th, 2011 from 10am to 3pm and goes rain or shine. For more info, check out the Quayside Community Board’s website at www.quaysideboard.com.


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  1. Thanks for the mention Jen. It will be bigger again this year with 4 stages, 4 bands, belly dancers, gospel singers, pet zone where you can get your pet washed and raise money for the animal shelter, the kid zone will have a special appearance by Spiderman. We have a dunk tank sponsored by Juliana Vallee of Remax looking for volunteers (Rick or Wil are you guys available:) Lions Club will be raising money at the hotdog BBQ and we have so many raffle prizes to be won while raising money for the Royal City Musical Theater Society. The RCFarmers Market I hear will have fresh blueberry's and more vendors than last year. Last Festival of the Summer!

  2. hmm. Guest? Why not post your real name if you're going to take liberties and cheap shots at people. And I'm surprised the moderators would allow that type of post under an anonymous name. How about some accountability for what you say. Crosty, Ashdown, even David Brett all post under our names. So why is this "guest" allowed to cheap shot anonymously? They should have to name themselves. Though it could be fun to guess who it is. Perhaps a public personna with something to say but too shy to say it.

    1. Hi Dave,

      You're right. The comment you're referencing was taking a meanspirited potshot at another festival. I was on the fence about whether to approve it or not, but your comment has made me reconsider. I apologize for the error and I have deleted the comment you're talking about.

    2. Thanks Dave. This Guest comment was similar to the one that started this political smear job.
      I feel sorry for the person and the faction he represents, By his own design he will not be anonymous much longer.

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