Burger Heaven

Many readers are familiar with Burger Heaven. In any city there is always one restaurant who uses their dishes to poll readers on hot button issues or elections, and in our fair city, Burger Heaven is that restaurant. But do their burgers boast yum factor?

The Tenth to the Fraser Editorial Board + 1 (Will, Briana, Jen and Ross) had a rare kid free night not too long ago, and we decided to start the evening off with burgers and beers at Burger Heaven.

My burger (or what's left of it)

The decor of Burger Heaven is pretty tired and I know the teems of photos of 70s patrons are meant to fill us with a sense of nostalgia, but I’d really like to see a makeover of fresh and light colours. But if decor is my only beef (pardon the pun) then a restaurant is doing pretty good.

The burgers are fresh tasting and flavourful, inventive and relatively well priced. They come with salad or fries, or, if you’re a “want it all” type of gal such as myself, you can request half and half. The fries are fantastic –  big thick wedges of potato-y yumminess. That up there is a bacon cheeseburger, sort of my baseline burger I’ll order in multiple places. I’d say Burger Heaven’s bacon cheeseburger ranks as one of my top 5 burgers. It’s consistently tasty and they don’t scrimp on the bacon or the cheese.

Ross tried the the lamb burger and reports it was “juicy, and not overly salty.” We all came away satisfied with the food, service, and the total on our bill.

Burger Heaven has been around since 1984, and is located at the bottom of Tenth Street and you can check out their website at www.burgerheaven.ca or call ahead at 604 522 8339. They are licensed, accessible, and kid friendly.

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  1. Should mention that Burger Heaven has a good selection of local beers available. When we were there in mid-August they had Russell Brewing's 'Lemon Ale' on tap; delicious!

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