Neighbourhood Small Grants Comes to New Westminster

Small grants now available to residents through the Neighbourhood Small Grants Program of the Vancouver Foundation.

The Vancouver Foundation is a fairly well known non profit organization that distributes over $40 million dollars annually to various organizations and communities. They act a bit like a conduit and help those with funding (through estates, endowments, etc) connect with those who need funding. They’ve operated a program called the Neighbourhood Small Grants since 1999, and it is now coming ┬áto New Westminster!

Grants are designed for individuals to apply for and are for small amounts ranging from $50 to $500, with two $1000 grants being handed out in each area. Some ideas for grants would be block parties, a portable canning kitchen, a workshop on model cars, etc. The focus is on bringing communities together. So, what’s your great idea for your neighbourhood?

Applications are due in two waves: June 25 and September 17. Projects must take place in New Westminster and be endorsed by members of two separate households. There are a few other bits of info you should know before you apply, so check out the Neighbourhood Small Grants Program flyer and then fill out the application!

Jen Arbo

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  1. That's pretty cool. I need to figure out how to pitch "brewing beer in my backyard" as a grant….

  2. Would this be applicable to New Westminster Resident Associations? I imagine you would need to apply as an individual, but this would go a long way in securing meeting space, or liability insurance…since the city can't cough up $12/meeting per association.

    1. Hi Matt, I am the coordinator for the program, this type of grant is given directly to residents of New Westminster and not to associations or organizations. The main concept is to provide an opportunity for people to know each other better and be able to engage so they can have or feel a sense of connection to their neighbourhood, a sense of belonging, in that way, they could be more likely motivated to participate in other activities (like actively participate in a Resident Association, to give you an example).

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