Residents’ Associations

We have written about Residents’ Associations before on Tenth, but I was recently asked if I knew the contact info for the local RA in a particular neighbourhood. We decided to create this list of contact info (including social media). Please feel free to let us know if we missed anything – we’d be really happy to keep it updated!

Connaught Heights Residents’ Association

West End Residents’ Association

Moody Park Residents’ Association

Glenbrook North Residents’ Association

Massey-Victory Heights Residents’ Association

Queensborough Residents’ Association

Quayside Residents’ Association

Brow of the Hill Residents’ Association

Queen’s Park Residents’ Association

Downtown Residents’ Association

McBride-Sapperton Residents’ Association

3 Replies to “Residents’ Associations”

  1. Re: West End Residents' Association, Elmer Rudolph does not have a computer or email address, the email comes to me causing a bit of confusion; I suggest adding Elmer's phone number:
    (604) 521-3346, it might also help to label the email address as contact for the Secretary/ Treasurer.
    Gavin McLeod
    Secretary/ Treasurer

  2. I was suprised to see the Quayside Community Board listed as a residents association. If you look at the City of New Westminster guidelines you will see that it is not a residents association by definition. The people they count as members do not sign up and do not make a decision to pay a membership fee. They are also not given an opportunity to attend meetings or to vote, even in the highly irregular fashion that took place at their annual general meeting with a member of city coucil present pointing out the irregularity. In fact, its members aren't people at all. If you look on their website you will see their bylaws clearly say that that it is an association of strata corporations. Its purpose is to "provide coordination, information, assistance and advice to all complexes in the administration of their complex" and to "act as a central organization through which two or more complexes may enter into a joint or common contract to provide services to the complexes that are members".

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