New West underrepresented in regional Urban Futures Survey

New Westminster residents often complain that our opinions aren’t well represented in regional planning. Not being the type of community to take disappointment quietly, we are becoming a bit notorious as a hotbed of rabble-rousers due to our vocal protests against good-for-the-region / bad-for-our-community projects like the defeated United Boulevard Extension proposal. So when Place Speak‘s public involvement lead Spencer Rasmussen reached out to me about getting better New Westminster representation in the 2012 Urban Futures Survey currently underway, I was pretty impressed. According to Spencer, Vancouver is currently overrepresented in the ratio of survey participants, and so he’s reaching out to try and get more folks from places like New Westminster to try to correct the balance.

Here’s a note from Spencer on what the Urban Futures Survey is all about, and why it’s so important for New West folk to participate:

The recent controversy over the Pattullo Bridge is an opportunity to step back and think about the region we want live in. The decision regarding the bridge – along with in numerable others – will change Greater Vancouver. We need a vision, and citizens’ voices must be heard.

The 2012 Metro Vancouver Urban Futures Survey is designed to do just that – to give residents a voice in the planning of our region. It is the third in a series of studies that impacted the decisions that make Greater Vancouver what it is today. The parks we enjoy, the recycling bins in front of our houses and quality of our air are all connected to the results of previous surveys. The 2012 survey repeats that process, polling residents on the future they desire.

To work, every community must be represented. In New Westminster, that means 65 residents sharing their opinions. 45 have done so already, but 23 are still needed. Completing the Urban Futures Survey gives our region the information it needs to plan a better future for you, your family, and your community. Please take 20 minutes to share your opinions: Take the 2012 Urban Futures Survey

If you are more comfortable reading Chinese, PlaceSpeak has translated the Urban Future into Chinese Traditional text. The Chinese version can be found here: 城市未來發展調查2012

The 2012 Urban Futures Survey is being conducted under the aegis of Lambda Alpha International, the Society of Urban Land Economists, with the support of the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, the City of Surrey, the City of North Vancouver and Vancity.

You can learn more about the Urban Futures Survey here, and be sure to like the Urban Futures Survey Facebook Page and follow PlaceSpeak on Twitter.


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  1. No wonder Greater Vancouver sometimes seems so messed up – the people doing the planning can't even subtract 45 from 65 correctly!

  2. Overall pretty good. The only part I hated was the trying to rank "16 priorities" towarsds the end: there were about 4 I thought were any kind of priority, the rest I would have tied for last!

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