Uptown Unplugged

You may have caught a piece in The Record or may have seen Councillor Jonathan Cote’s tweet regarding a “parklet” going in in front of Westminster Centre. A parklet is essentially a small, temporarily installed urban park. And by small, I mean teeny. Westminster Centre, in collaboration with the very busy folks at Hyack Festival Association, are working to liven up Uptown. This, together with their recent launching of www.MyUptown.ca, an investment into street banners, as well as the second (very successful) run of Uptown Live, is really doing its part to make the Uptown neighbourhood particularly liveable, lively, and inviting.

The parklet is but one part of Uptown Unplugged, a weekly summer series of music and street performers that launched July 13th and is ongoing on both Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5 until August 25th. With an eclectic, varied, and interesting mix of performers, there is something for everyone. I mean, check out the line up for this weekend – it is pretty amazing.  You can check out the Facebook Page for details, but I guarantee, you should pop on buy, grab a beverage from one of the local shops, and enjoy the free entertainment.

(Disclaimer: the company I own with BrianaHyack Interactive, was hired to help develop a portion of content on www.MyUptown.ca, and the work, while mostly complete, is ongoing as new listings are added. I’d write this article no matter what though – parklets and free entertainment that make a community more liveable are my kind of thing.)

Amanda Marino belting it out
Amanda Marino belting it out
Gorgeous day for hanging out and listening to music
Gorgeous day for hanging out and listening to music



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  1. Tried leaving a comment on the myuptown.ca site but it refused to take it , saying my phone was not properly formatted (notwithstanding many attempts to correct)

    My suggestions on the site were:

    – have a mobile phone friendly version

    – have a twitter feed

    Thanks & best regards,

    1. Hi Ed, I appreciate the comments and I will definitely pass them along to the merchants group. I agree it needs a mobile version. There is currently no funding to manage a twitter feed but it is on their radar for the future. Nothing worse than an unmonitored twitter account with no one to reply!

  2. This is a great idea, and I love that the trend for music in the street available to all is becoming native to Uptown. This is what a vital community is all about.

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