New West – represent!

Baby wearing New West t-shirt.
Brick and Mortar Living is just one of the loval boutiques selling products that put your New West pride on display. Shirt available in both baby and adult sizes ($26-35 at Brick & Mortar Living). Photo: Rachel Janzen (@nikonrachel)

There have always been people who are proud to live in New West, but there have rarely been so many ways to show it. Boutiques around town are stocking up on buttons, t-shirts, totes and even coasters to show off your New West pride. 

At Banana Lab on 12th St, you can find t-shirts silkscreened with maps of the city. The independent mom-owned toy store Schnoo And The Pachooch (located within River Market) has New West Moms Group pins and t-shirts to identify group members walking around town, and River Market has periodically printed its own #NewWest shirts listing the neighbourhoods in the city. 

Probably the best selection of New West merch is at Brick & Mortar Living, where you’ll find leather bracelets marked with the latitude and longitude of New West, buttons, illustrated prints, tote bags with images of local heritage homes and storefronts, coasters printed with maps of the city and (of course) t-shirts. 

And although it isn’t specific to the city of New West, local pride also beams from the many Steel & Oak hoodies and tees that you’ll spot around town, as well as the “Locavore” shirts and artichoke & eggplant tote bagsfrom the Royal City Farmers Market.

Personally, I’m a little obsessed with this sort of stuff. I have at least five New Westminster t-shirts, as well as local map coasters and fridge magnets. And then there’s my husband’s collection. I even bought him a set of New West map cuff links once, custom ordered from Etsy.

What about you? What’s in your collection of Royal City swag?