Best poutine in New West the Lower Mainland



New West does poutine well. From the gourmet delights at Spud Shack to the Quebecois-classic style at Anny’s Dairy Bar, you can find poutine done any way you like it.

If authenticity is what you’re after …

Anny’s Dairy Bar is owned by Une Vraie Québécoise. The locally famous maple twist soft-serve ice cream is made with Real Maple Syrup. And the poutine is, by all accounts, Real Poutine. If you are homesick for poutine, Anny’s is where you should go. Find it Uptown on Sixth Street between Seventh St. and Hamilton.

But for poutine like you’ve never had it before … 

Spud Shack is all about great fries and beer, and poutine is a cornerstone of the menu. Like everything else they serve, the classic recipe is a jumping-off point for culinary creativity. The current menu features no less than 10 different poutine flavours, from the ‘baked potato’ with bacon and sour cream, to the ‘night market’ with kimchi and crispy wonton. There are even vegetarian and vegan options, and there are sometimes limited edition creations for special occasions, such as the BBQ duck version served at Chinese New Year. Find Spud Shack’s big taste in a deceptively tiny storefront within the Shops at New West Station (at the top of the Eastbound escalator, en route to Landmark Cinemas).

The Terminal Pub has Truffle Waffle Poutine, which is a fun spin on it. Crisp waffle fries with gravy, cheese curds and truffle oil drizzled on top. Find the Terminal at the bottom of 12th St.

Wild Rice offers a Kung Po Chicken poutine with spicy gravy and polenta fries. Just one of the many tasty treats at River Market.

And if a picnic is your plan … 

Taza Falafel House has surprisingly good poutine, perfect to take home or pack in a picnic to bring to nearby Tipperary Park. Taza’s poutine features loads of real cheese curds and thick potatoey wedges. The gravy and fries are not over-salted either, which is a common mistake. Taza is on Sixth Street at Fourth Ave.

Mmmmm. So many ways to enjoy poutine’s cheesy, salty, greasy deliciousness.

Special thanks to Saskia Muller for the poutine photo above!