Pier Park water misters have arrived!

The three promised water “misters” have arrived at Westminster Pier Park, right on schedule.

The misters are positioned right next to the hammocks and the beach volleyball courts, and according to contributor Eryne Donahue (who took the photos featured below), they do help to make a hot afternoon tolerable.

The Pier Park is the newest and most strikingly attractive park in New West. But the heat wave this summer has highlighted a problem: most of the park is in full sun, all day long. It is just too hot to spend much time in when the temperature climbs. The misters will provide some needed relief.

Water misters near hammocks at Pier Park
Cooling misters have been installed next to the hammocks and beach volleyball court at Westminster Pier Park. Photo: Eryne Donahue.

Pier Park misters
The wavy misters are button-operated to ensure that they aren’t spraying when no one is around to enjoy the mist. Photo: Eryne Donahue.
Pier Park water misters
Another view of the water misters at Westminster Pier Park, which overlooks the Fraser River. Photo: Eryne Donahue.