January Resolutions

January is typically the time of year when people make resolutions (though some people prefer September) and set goals for their coming year. In January, Tenth to the Fraser will be covering ways to make and keep typical (and perhaps atypical?) resolutions in our great city.

Whether it is finding ways to connect with new people, hunting down a new gym or yoga studio to get more fit, trying new foods, saving money, learning a new skill, or finding ways to spend more times with family and friends, New Westminster and the wonderful people in it are great tools in helping you meet your resolutions. We’ll be sharing posts all this month that highlight some common resolutions and ways you can reach them right here at home. 

Not everyone is a fan of resolutions. I recently read an online comment from someone who didn’t like to make resolutions, as they focused on the root of the word as ‘resolve’, which indicates there is a problem with the current iteration of ‘you’ that needs a solution. I prefer to see the root word ‘resolute’ within resolution, and think setting some goals can help you become more determined and more able to meet the goals you set for yourself.

Experts also agree that in order for a New Year’s resolution to really stick, you need to be able to remind yourself of it frequently – write it down on a note beside your desk, add it to your phone home screen, put it on a piece of paper on your fridge, or add it to your calendar. This article even suggests you make a goal for each month, rather than just one for the whole year.

If you’re game, share in the comments what resolutions you’re making, and how you think New West can help you meet them. Or, if you want more info on how you can reach your goals in the community, ask away! We’ll see if we can track down some answers for you this month and share them on the site.

I’ll go first: I’m resolving to read more, and plan to put aside reading “appointments” in my calendar. I’m also hoping if I go to the library or some of our fine local coffee shops with nothing but my book – no laptop to get distracted by work! – then maybe I can get more reading in.

I hope your 2016 has started out wonderfully.

PS: Check out the community calendar of events we’ve just launched and consider submitting your group’s events to make the calendar even more useful.