Sourcing Ingredients in New West

Have you ever read Make the Bread, Buy the Butter? In it, author Jennifer Reese explored what foods a person should make themselves and what they should just buy. It’s an informative book, and her discussions for and against making things are quite funny at times. When I wrote the post about keeping goats in New West, I had some of her narrative in mind.

Chow mein is a dish like that for me. While it doesn’t have a terribly long specialized list of ingredients, it does have some specific ones, and factors like what brand of noodles, spices, oils and sauces you use can make a big difference with homemade versus restaurant chow mein. One of my food goals this year (what, don’t you make food goals?) is to learn how to make great chow mein at home.

I asked on Twitter this month where people go to buy specialized ingredients for their recipes and I’m sharing the responses here in case you’ve got a food goal of your own.

I’ve linked to the website if they have one, or their Yelp or Google Review page if not. they are arranged alphabetically. Below are the tweets with some personal notes from the locals who recommended them.

And please share any others you’d like to add and I’ll update this list!

Further afield but also good choices:

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  1. Just across the border into Burnaby, between 10th Ave. and Edmonds on 6th Street, lots of Indian grocers for spices and other Indian foods, plus several Indian sweets/curry shops!

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