Connect with Your Kids Through Fitness

When I first started running fitness classes in New West, I found that most of my clients were asking for the same two things:

  1. Something new
  2. Something to help them move better

‘Something new’ was easy because one of the things I teach is Clubbell Yoga, a fairly new type of non-dogmatic yoga that blends strength training and yoga. The reason those women wanted to be able to ‘move better’ was heartwarming – they wanted to keep up with their kids.

Keeping up with kids can be tough! Those moms in the first classes I offered reminded me how important it was to get moving with our kids and it was that same group of moms that made me take a different look at ‘fitness’. I have always allowed those kids along, and now offer classes specifically aimed at moms and their young children having fun getting fit together.

Do you remember what it was like to climb the biggest tree in the park, or make rivers in the sandbox on a rainy day? What about running so far that it hurt to breathe and you felt like your legs would give out?

As kids, we never used to count calories or steps, and we sure didn’t care what we looked like doing it. We ran around, climbed, and played because we could and we wanted to. We were the best versions of ourselves.

With so much pressure to look better, eat better and be better, it’s easy to fall victim to the very trend that’s supposed to help us achieve those goals. We buy into the gym specials because we’re supposed to ‘get fit’, and yet we stop going three months into the membership. We’re still finding ourselves too tired and too busy to spend much needed time recharging with our family…. the thing that actually DOES make us better. So how do we have our cake and eat it too?

We get our families involved.

241877_10155431514220018_6022368979868638347_oHere’s some tips I’ve learned:

Don’t shy away from parent and tot classes. I know how difficult it can be to put on a bathing suit and expose your fine self to the world, but DO IT. Be the support system that your child needs, and show them it’s okay to be confident. Let your mascara run and your hair get wet when you dunk your head. It’s okay. Added benefit? The water’s buoyancy supports the weight of your body, making it a great alternative for people with joint problems.

Challenge your kid to a dance-off. Ever been to a Zumba class? Those are sweat infused throw-downs that would put any 1980’s aerobic video to shame. Can’t dance? Who cares!? Your kids definitely don’t care if you’re doing the electric slide like the dance floor hero you used to be, but they do care that you’re there, with them, having the time of your lives. Added benefit? In addition to being a great cardio exercise, dancing can relieve stress and improve confidence!

Show off. I bet you were quite the soccer player when you were younger. Baseball was it? Even better. Show your kid how great you were on the field or in the arena teach them how to do it while doing it with them. Added benefit? Refining your skills might just land you a spot on the company team.

Have chill sessions at least a weekly basis. With all movement comes recovery. Even if you can’t stand the idea of it, try Yoga. Take some deep breaths, find your zen and chill (sans Netflix). Mommy and me, Daddy and me, just for kids, just for adults; there are classes for every ability! *Fun fact: Yoga is for EVERYONE.

At the end of the day it’s all about the times where we share a moment. Instead of signing your kid up for sports six days a week, try playing those sports with them twice a week. Instead of staying in on a rainy day, teach them how to jump in mud puddles and float boats across the sand box.

Introducing activity back into our lives while including our families is a great way to re-connect with the ones, and things, we love.

Editor’s Note: Sue offers popular mom and me yoga classes as well as adult classes. Check out her website for more info.