Body Connections, One Bone at a Time

The toe bone is connected to… well… everything.

Isn’t it funny how we always think of bones and muscles individually? Let’s take it a step further and try to make a connection for you.

Full disclosure: We work at a gym. So, we may be a little biased when it comes to opinions, but we promise we write this not as a self-serving advertisement, but rather an observation from our own point of view.

We see so many people come in for assessments and NeruoKinetic therapy sessions that always have a complaint about some part of their body. Is it migraines? Is it knee pain? Is it low back pain? And you know what we normally find? It’s so rare that the site of pain is the source of the problem.

In the current health environment, that’s what we’re all trained to believe. If you have pain at the top of your head, take a drug or do nothing. But what if your pain is caused by your shoulders? What if your neck being weak is the culprit? This is where this idea that the toe bone is connected to… well… everything comes into play.

Like most problems we encounter, the true solution is usually systemic. In accident reconstruction, especially in major disasters, there is an investigative team that looks to all the causes that lead to the eventual accident, to both understand and prevent in the future. Well, the body works a lot in the same way, there’s always a cause. So why is it that we’re so keen to accept that if the knee hurts, it must be the knee?

The exercise then becomes to try not to think of the body as being made up of many small individual parts, but instead as a continuum of connected “cogs”. And in this continuum, any dysfunctional “cog” can disrupt the function of the machine as a whole. It is our duty as health professionals to act as detectives to find the underlying causes, instead of just treating symptoms. Ever had knee pain and don’t know why? The number of times we’ve heard people say they just have bad knees is astounding. There is a reason – there is always a reason. And it’s often never an issue with the knee joint!)

Without figuring out reason, no pain killer or anti-inflammatory is going solve the true cause – though it may make you feel better temporarily. But why is it good enough to feel better for a moment and not solve the root issue(s) to get rid of the pain for good? (Don’t worry – there will always be other things to complain about! 😉

Here’s the punchline of this all: We believe that you can be tested to determine the underlying issues causing your pain and work to resolve them. This can be done with effective methods of release that can be taught so you can do it yourself, and then you can be given exercises that will help rid you of the patterns that are perpetuating your issues.

“To solve a problem you must first understand the cause of the problem, for all problems have a cause.” ~Byron Delachevrotiere

Written by Byron Delachevrotiere & Kameron Borsuk from The Strong Side Conditioning Gym on the (still open!) Front Street just East of 6th. Got pain? Come on by and have a talk or give us a call at 604 553 4770. Also check us out on FaceBook and YouTube for all kinds of useful information and videos!