Neighbourhood Small Grants give good ideas life

and make New West a better place

Neighbourhood Small Grants are once again available for New Westminster residents who have a great idea and need a small budget to make it happen.

The application is online, and easy to complete. There are a few rules, but grants are open to all. Application here. Deadline is April 4, 2016.

These small, easily accessed grants are perfect for individuals to get a little bit of funding (up to $500) to do something great for their neighbourhood.

Some notable projects I’ve loved the most over the years:

  • Fez on a Chaise – literally, a chaise, and a fez, and both of them leopard print.
  • Councillor Trentadue and regular Tenth contributor Nadine Nakagawa‘s Paint New West Beautiful, a mural painting project  that brought new life to a boring old wall on Columbia Street.
  • Pecha Kucha New West’s first summer event was supported in part from a NSG.
  • Pop Luck – a NSG allowed this fun and quirky outdoor pop up communal meal party to buy another “table”.


Over the past few years I have been lucky to receive a Neighbourhood Small Grant to carry out an idea I had. Three years ago, a group of friends and I did Can-A-Rama. Our intention, initially, was to all bring a friend who’d never canned, someone from New West. We got together at one person’s house and spent the day canning. In the end, we had flats and flats of canned things – pickles, mustards, and jams – and had spent a wonderful day giggling and laughing in a hot kitchen.

Prep is starting for the Jack Daniels Hot Mustard #canorama

A photo posted by @breebop on

Filling these jars up with veggies for pickling! #canarama

A photo posted by @breebop on

…. And we're done! 51 cans of goodness! #canarama #NewWest

A photo posted by @breebop on

In fall 2014, I decided to try something different, and put together New West Love Letter to Myself, a card making workshop where people could come, make a card to themselves, and I would mail it to them in five years. I still have that box of 75 cards in my closet, and I still have that alarm set in my calendar for September 2019 to mail them off.

This is the beauty of the Neighbourhood Small Grant program. A little bit of funding to help make it easier to carry your idea out and no two ideas are the same! If you have an idea to help make your neighbourhood more neighbourly, please do apply!


Jen Arbo

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