Letter from a Contributor

We decided to introduce our magazine not with a traditional editorial, but rather, thoughts from one of our contributors. Mario Bartel is a discarded veteran of legacy media and Tenth to the Fraser is proud to have him as a collaborator.

Welcome to the future, rooted in the past.

The media landscape is changing. The traditional ways we used to learn about what mattered in our community are disappearing; newspapers are closing, magazines are thinning, TV and radio stations are shedding resources.

That’s opening the door for new ideas, new possibilities to tell stories.Because in this helter skelter world where information comes at us 140 characters at a time, over our phones, in messages that pop up on our computer monitors, we need stories more than ever to make sense of it all.

It’s stories that provide narrative and structure to random bits of information.

Stories can make us laugh or cry, provoke anger, move us to take action.

Stories connect us to the people and community around us.

Tenth to the Fraser is about our need to tell, and share, stories. What started as an online blog to exchange information about the community is evolving to share stories. The online component remains, an immediate, impactful way to convey what’s important in New Westminster and to the people who live here.

It’s now joined by this, a magazine printed in ink on real paper, that you can hold in your hand, pick up, put down, pass on. Because as much as we like to check our smartphones, log into our email, update our Facebook status, there’s still currency in grasping something tangible, to give the stories we share a place of permanence. Now you can have Tenth to the Fraser on your coffee table every couple of months, as well as your screen every day.

This gives me hope for the stories in our community.