One Last Time!

Get tickets now for Fiddler -themed RCMT fundraiser.

Warren Kimmel as Tevye, Michael Wilkinson as The Fiddler, Erin Palm as Fruma Sarah/Ensemble, and Zach Wolfman as Perchik. Photo supplied by RCMT. 

If you were one of the fortunate people to catch a performance of the Royal City Musical Theatre’s recent run of Fiddler on the Roof, you’ve probably been humming various tunes from the show since you saw it.

I can’t get the show’s big opening number, “Tradition”, out of my head. If you missed it,  Shaw TV has a recording of the number in full. (But be warned, if you watch this, you’re going to be singing to yourself “Traditionnnnnn, TRA-DI-TION!” as you point up to the sky for weeks.)

Stephen Crosby, the president of the Royal City Musical Theatre Society was blown away by the feedback they received about Fiddler. “It honestly exceeded our expectations,” he said.

“It’s a common refrain to hear people tell us ‘This was your best show yet,’ to which I have to quietly chuckle as our Artistic Director Valerie Easton always tells me ‘Next year’s show will be even better.’ After 27-years of musical theatre in New Westminster, it’s exciting to continue to raise the bar.”

This year’s production was particularly noteworthy for RCMT as it signified big anniversaries for two orchestra members: the 20th year for Orchestra Manager, Marni Johnson on flute, and the 25th year for Kevin Woo on clarinet. Woo even jumped up on stage during a wedding scene, and blew the audience away with a clarinet solo.
John Cousins as the Constable, Colleen Byberg in Ensemble, Maia Hoile as Sphrintze, and Emma Ciprian in Ensemble. Photo supplied by RCMT.
John Cousins as the Constable, Colleen Byberg in Ensemble, Maia Hoile as Sphrintze, and Emma Ciprian in Ensemble. Photo supplied by RCMT.

Crosby added “For anyone who’d like one final opportunity to see some of the Fiddler on the Roof cast perform or to get more involved with RCMT, we are holding a fundraiser at New Westminster’s newest fine dining hotspot, El Santo, on June 26. Tickets are being sold through Tickets New West.

RCMT’s next production is Anything Goes, a story about a young cruise liner stowaway named Billy Crocker, and his quest to with the heart of debutante Hope Harcourt. Keep your eyes on their website and social media if you’re interested in auditioning for a role – they’ll post details once they’re ready.

Anything Goes is a fun show, and like a lot of my favourite musicals, has drama, mystery, intrigue, comic relief, and great, memorable song and dance numbers. I’m alumni of community theatre from way back and know first hand how hard people work to put on these shows, and just how exhausting it is. It’s become a tradition of mine to attend these RCMT performances, and I think to myself every single time I walk out of the theatre, just as Crosby says, that I’ve seen the best show yet.


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