Photo Essay: Innovation

May’s theme is “tradition“, but we also consider its counter-theme, “innovation” worth exploring. This month, we are thrilled to show you a photo essay from photographer Aimee Gratton on “innovation”.  Aimee uses a self-described style called “dirty photography” to get these amazing pictures, Innovation Behind The Lens.

Her statement:

Shooting with film, I just see opportunity to shoot as many things people see in a day, gather an experience with my tool and as a style keep it raw, organic, dirty, human, emotional, cinematic, etc. Conveying the resonation of many themes that aren’t just visual into my art. A lot of it has to do with stepping back from digital as well as my influences. My other most used mediums are poetry and graphic design. This is my take on New Westminster, where I’m recently finding my home. I work closely with the United Creative Artist Studio Society: a recently founded New West based arts group. You can find my work for sale at The New Westminster Cultural Crawl this summer along with many other U.C.A.S.S. Artist’s who will be showcased on the upper floor of The River Market, August 13th and 14th. You could also contact me at for my portfolio and other information.

As always, please click on any photo to open a gallery.