Spare Parts Playground Recap

On July 10 we held our Spare Parts Adventure pop-up playground. We didn’t have any clue how much interest there would be or how many kids would show up. We vacillated between “what if nobody comes?” and “I hope we printed enough waiver forms!” We had a lot of materials donated by members of the community, but we weren’t sure if it would be enough.

July 10 came around and at 10am the kids started coming. And coming. And coming! The tires were big hits — the first things the kids made were tire swings. Old baseboard wood made the framework for tents. A shipping pallet became a bed. PVC pipe became masts for boats.

The Spare Parts Adventure was a great hit! Every kid I talked to had a great time. We only had a couple of minor injuries, just splinters, and they were expertly handled by St. John Ambulance attendants. Families came out and had picnics, which let the kids stay and build for a couple of hours — plenty of time to hammer some nails and have a lot of fun!

As with any event like this, there’s a long list of people and organizations to thank. We couldn’t have done it without a Neighbourhood Small Grant from the Vancouver Foundation. We received materials from Steel & Oak, Bunches & Blooms Floral, Matchstick Coffee, Foreman Auto, and Timbertrain Coffee. We also received a lot of supplies from Peter Foreman, Lindsay Hamilton, Michael Kaisaris, Dee Beattie, Jen and Ross Arbo, Rick Vugteveen, Christa MacArthur, and Bunka Sandhu. The Ecole Qayqayt Elementary School PAC spread the word and donated a bunch of tools and materials. And of course thank you to the volunteers who helped with sign up, set up, clean up, and supervision.

We had over 115 kids come out and enjoy building things with their own hands. Thank you to every one of them for showing us what a little imagination can build! Check out the gallery below! 

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  1. I love that so many children came out. The photos are great, especially the little boy in the center of the stack of tires.

    Great fun for kids.

    Looking forward to another “spare parts” event.

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