Secret Santa: Community Edition # 5

Here’s number five in our River Market Secret Santa series. (Numbers 123, and 4. ) 

For many, the focus from everyday life turns towards the spirit of giving during the holiday season. This year River Market invited ten citizens from New Westminster to shop for gifts on River Market’s dollar. Many would say these citizens are actively engaged in making this wonderful city better each day. These individuals were tasked to hand pick each item which they thought would make a great gift and their only parameter was that they had $50 to spend. Once they were done their shopping, they would wrap the gift and deliver it to an organization of their choice in New West.


In this edition, well known New Wester Tej Kainth, takes the reins. Tej is the Executive Director of Tourism New West and is on the board of the Douglas College Foundation. Tej is a proud resident, and was born and raised here.

She chose to shop for for the nurses and families who are caring for loved ones in end of life care at Royal Columbian Hospital. This department at RCH has special meaning for Tej. “Earlier this year my grandmother and the matriarch of my family ended up needing end of life care at RCH. My entire family was gathering daily and taking over entire waiting rooms as we tried to be with my grandmother as much as possible. The staff at RCH was incredibly supportive. I wanted to give a gift to another family, that may not have the kind of support network we had, that is going through this kind of hard time. I want show them love and kindness. I focused on things to gift them an energy boost while in the hospital and also wanted to give them a small break at River Market to remind them that life does carry on.”

What did she buy? Tej opted to top up her gift, but focused on treats for energy and mental breaks.


  1. Hazelnut wafer cookies – Donald’s Market
  2. Raw Energy Trail Mix – Donald’s Market
  3. Coconut water – Donald’s Market
  4. Energy scented soy candle – Jolene’s Natural Soap Works
  5. Tre Galli Gift Card
  6. Bunches and Blooms Gift Card
  7. Longtail Gift Card

When asked what she’d ask for from Santa, Tej said “I would love an all-expenses paid vacation. After a difficult year it would be wonderful to immerse myself somewhere different and to take the time I need for some self-reflection.”

Merry Christmas, Tej!