Secret Santa: Community Edition # 6

Here’s number six in our River Market Secret Santa series. (Numbers 1234, and 5. ) 

For many, the focus from everyday life turns towards the spirit of giving during the holiday season. This year River Market invited ten citizens from New Westminster to shop for gifts on River Market’s dollar. Many would say these citizens are actively engaged in making this wonderful city better each day. These individuals were tasked to hand pick each item which they thought would make a great gift and their only parameter was that they had $50 to spend. Once they were done their shopping, they would wrap the gift and deliver it to an organization of their choice in New West.


This instalment’s shopper is Erin Jeffery, aka Erin the Fantastic. She’s a resident, a volunteer and works for the Uptown Business Association and Tenth to the Fraser. Erin opted to shop for the Canadian Mental Health Association New Westminster Branch. “I used to work for them,” she said. “They do an inordinate amount of work. The staff really believe in their mission which includes education and housing support. Their thrift store is staffed entirely by volunteers with lived experience in mental health issues. Working there gives them an opportunity to get back into the workforce in a safe environment.”


  1. Toffees – Canteen & Supply
  2. Popcorn – Donald’s Market
  3. Truffles – Donald’s Market
  4. Spiced Winter Cordial – Donald’s Market (makes 4 gallons of punch)
  5. Dark Chocolate Cranberry Chocolate Bar – Donald’s Market
  6. 3D Adventure Sticker Pad – Shnoo and the Pachooch (because they always have things there for the parents who need to have their kids drop at the office)
  7. Shortbread Cookies – Pamola Bakery

Erin’s wish if someone was shopping for her is probably one shared by many, many people. “Time – I would use it to balance out all the time I give to other people and take some for myself.”