The Great New West Fitness Quest – Part 1

Are you making new year’s resolutions that involve fitness? Here’s the perfect series for you. Two women, one epic search for the perfect fitness regime. Will they meet their match? Or will they be left watching infomercials about fitness equipment, dreaming of fitter days?

The Heroines:

Laura Sunnus has lived in New Westminster for 3+ years and is looking for her fitness soul mate. Previously an avid soccer player, Laura is looking for a fitness routine and facility that will keep her entertained while keeping her fit enough to chase after her German Shepard-mix, Goose.

Nadine Nakagawa dreams of one day being a ballerina. But in the meantime, she enjoys an intense workout or a leisurely stroll out of doors. She needs a fitness routine that can keep up with her busy schedule.

The Quest:

Our two heroines journey through the wilds of New Westminster and best a number of obstacles, including kettlebells, gold $ necklaces, and cycle straps. They then rank the obstacles on a number of factors: the exquisiteness of the facility, the muscle-building capacity, getting your sweat on, and becoming agile like a peacock.

The Obstacles: 

The new kid on the block: Viva Tu Vide Fitness

#202-627 Columbia Street
First timer cost – $5
Drop-in cost – $15
Have a variety of monthly and punch-pass options


Laura says—This class would be perfect for a “rest day.” It woke up my muscles without much strain. I will definitely be back for a drop-in class to try their disco light Zumba.

Nadine says—I like this yoga/dance studio and would definitely try other classes here. Prices are pretty good, it’s a beautiful heritage building, and the location is good. The class was relaxing and I enjoyed it.

screenshot-2016-12-16-11-24-01 Laura says—This class had my muscles working harder than the Glowdess class as we leaped and twirled across the studio floor. A great class for people looking for a low intensity workout.

Nadine says—My not-so-secret fantasy is that one day I’m going to be a ballerina. As a result, I enjoy ballet classes of all levels and feel like a graceful swan. This class was a bit too simple for my liking (hem, hem intermediate level over here) but would be great for a total beginner. There was some leaping and there were some sit-ups so a little bit of dance, a little bit of fitness.

screenshot-2016-12-16-11-24-09 Laura says—This class was so fun I didn’t realize how great of a workout I was getting! The instructor pumped the studio with Latin music that encouraged shoulder shimmies and hip thrusts. Add multicolour lights and you have a winning formula for a party-infused workout.

Nadine says—So…this was really fun! I thought the disco lights would bother me (sensitive to lights), but they really did make it more fun. Totally will do this again. We grooved hard.

The women’s boxing gym: 30 Minute Hit

425 E Columbia St
First timer: free!
Monthly and ongoing packages

screenshot-2016-12-16-11-24-18Laura says—This facility eliminates many of the barriers that might keep me from working out: workout anytime within their hours of operation, free parking in front of the gym, and the workout only lasts 30 minutes. I enjoyed the workout and found the trainer encouraging when my muscles felt weak. I wish they had a drop-in option as I’m not willing to invest the $65/month (plus $99 registration fee) for a month-to-month membership. Too bad, I could have been the next Ronda Rousey.

Nadine says—The noise level was a bit jarring in the morning, but I got used to it once I was giving the punching bags a hard time. I really dig that they have spaces for little ones while mom is working out. They are near transit and having free parking out front – a big plus in New West! The trainer was really encouraging and I felt energized after the workout.

The ratatouille option – a little bit of everything: Move Yoga Pilates Dance
237 Nelson’s Crescent
First-time 2 for $30
Monthly & punch passes available 

screenshot-2016-12-16-11-24-24 Laura says—Mariah. Mase. Missy. Need I say more? This class started as a dance-infused workout then turned into choreography that was hilariously attempted by yours truly. The instructor, Sergio, had a great personality that made you feel comfortable with the unfamiliar dance moves. I’ll definitely come back to this class, if only for the music.

50cNadine says—This is definitely outside of my wheelhouse. But since Laura wanted to pull out her 50¢ gold chain, we decided this would be on our list of classes to try. There’s a warm-up then we moved on to choreography. I had more fun than I expected. I definitely recommend stepping out of your comfort zone sometimes – I might even go back for more grooving to 90s tunes.

screenshot-2016-12-16-11-24-30 Laura says—I was wary about the pilates class as I previously found pilates boring but tough. This class completely changed my mind about the boring part…unfortunately (fortunately?) it is still tough. The instructor, Jenni, engaged with the class as if she was catching up with friends after spending some time apart. Although my muscles were burning, Jenni talked the class through the moves, including calling out the nasty looks that we inadvertently gave her while pulsing our legs an additional 20 times. Great workout in a comfortable environment.

Nadine says—I like pilates and I really like the owner/instructor Jenni. She makes the classes – even the painful ones when your abs are burning – really fun! This pilates class isn’t quite as intense as some I’ve taken in the past, but it’s definitely good for building some core strength. And I always feel taller after pilates.


Stay tuned as Nadine and Laura try on other activities and classes in New West! 

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  1. I really just wanted an excuse to take a picture of Gus wearing the 50c chain! And I’m still laughing about it!

  2. This is fantastic! And the photo of gus totally makes it! It’s so great you two are getting out there and rocking our in new west! Creating community through movement!

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