Monthly Theme: Family

Family. It’s complicated, right?

If I asked the 70,000-odd people who live in our city how they define a family, I’d have 70,000 answers, possibly more. There really is no way to define “family” so it will resonate with everyone.

Truthfully, I think it’s best not to worry too much about whether your family is typical. For me, I look for the qualities that make me feel like I’m immersed in a family, no matter who the members are or how they’re linked to me. Love. Kindness. Patience. Humour. Warmth. Understanding. Safety. Loyalty.

In our print issue now available and for the rest of this month online, we showcase a cross-section of what “family” means to people who live here. Every family is meaningful and deserves acknowledgement but we only have 56 pages, not 70,000.

Every family changes and can be changed. “Family” might be a legal definition, but in practise family is what you make it, and you get to choose who’s in yours.

PS: Our cover this month comes from the New Westminster Museum and Archives (IHP6510) and celebrates a well known Queensborough family in all its posed portrait studio glory: the Basran family. Ron Basran (back, right) was born and raised in Queensborough and is a third generation trucker. He opened the Frankie G’s Boilerhouse Pub in 2000, which was intentionally built and decorated to preserve some of the history of New Westminster. In late March 2016, Frankie G’s, a neighbourhood anchor now operated by Calvin, Ron’s son, was damaged in a roof fire and hasn’t yet reopened. We all miss it!

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