Rest in Peace on Kelly Street

Though Halloween is classically meant to be eerie and dark, it is quite depressing when you live on a street that is deserted on Halloween. We moved into the 500 block on Kelly Street last summer and were very disappointed to have less then 10 trick or treaters come to our new home. Having grown up in a bustling Halloween street, I remember the magic, sense of community and fun it had been just outside my door. This was just not acceptable. As I went about  talking to the neighbours I heard of stories which now seem to be  legends. Neighbours of old spoke of a time many moons ago. Years before, the number of trick or treaters were too large too count.  As time went by  people left, new people came and in the end most people stopped caring. My mission? Is to get it back to where it use to be.

But how?

I thought, what are the bare essentials necessary for any outdoor adventure regardless of Halloween? Shelter, warmth, food and drinks.  Rest in Peace on Kelly Street was born.

Forget about the pre-Halloween dinner scramble. Come down to Rest in Peace on Kelly Street. Relax and enjoy Hot  Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Pizza- complementary from Sapperton’s very own Pappa Leo’s Pizza. Be warm and sheltered from our heat lamps and gazebos. Get enchanted by the decorations and vibe to come. Be most rewarded by our give-aways and BIG treats!

“Rest in Peace” prior to your journey or have a warm  resting Place with food and beverage to-go in between homes.    Or if it works better, end your night with us as your final resting place.

In the shadows of the night

Come join us for some haunting bites.

We cast you shelter, warmth, hot drinks, BIG treats.

May you Rest in Peace on Kelly Street.

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