Brown Baggin’ It! Join Mayor Coté for a lunchtime chat!

Check out this coming event from Mayor Coté, a B-Y-O-Lunch event happening on December 15 at City Hall in Council Chambers. No RSVP is required, you just show up and bring your lunch and topics for discussion and it’s an informal chat. Mayor Coté admits this isn’t his original idea. “This idea came from a recent meeting I had with the Mayor of Victoria, Lisa Helps. They provided us with an overview of their public engagement program and Mayor Helps has been doing these brown bag lunches for a few years now.”

It’s a great idea. It’s a casual, its over food, and it’s non-threatening. As great as public engagement is, formal open houses or info sessions aren’t always for everyone, and not every topic gets an open house. So this is a nice idea to bring up things you’re curious about.

Mayor Coté looks forward to it. “I think this is yet another way I can connect directly with residents. Whether people have questions or want to share their ideas or concerns about the city, I am hopeful this will provide a good forum for discussion and further enhance our efforts and commitment to public engagement in New Westminster.”