The Kids Are All Right: Youth Week in New Westminster

On May 2nd, the New Westminster Youth Awards will celebrate New West Youth.

These awards are a ceremony designed to identify and recognize the accomplishments of youth within the City of New Westminster.  There are six categories for youth accomplishments as well as one category for adults that have supported youth in their work towards success.

The Youth Awards themselves originated from the definition and purpose of Youth Week in B.C. which is to highlight and promote youth throughout our province during the first week of May each year. This celebration provides the opportunity and backdrop for an awards ceremony dedicated to youth who have accomplished great things within our community. The ceremony also provides a forum for promotion and identification of the positive contributions the youth demographic has made to the New Westminster community on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. An additional purpose is to establish and maintain a positive environment and outlet for youth accomplishments within the New Westminster community. The categories and criteria are heavily Parks & Recreation based with intent to highlight youth accomplishments while in our programs, facilities, and community events.  It is a chance for youth to stand out and be noticed for the positive contributions they have made.

You can get more info about all of the events at, including the BBQ today after school.