El Santo’s new brunch menu, best enjoyed on a patio

Brunch is a meal that can go sweet or it can go savoury and at New West’s El Santo you can even have it with churros.

El Santo launched their new brunch menu on Saturday and I had the chance to check it out. For those that know me, you know I love eggs and I opted for a slight variation of Huevos Rancheros – the Huevos Divorciados – best of both salsas – red and green. (With an extra egg of course.) The refried beans offered a delicious base for the tortillas, eggs, diced avocados and eggs. The only thing that would have made it better was warmer weather or dining at a small restaurant in Sayulita, Mexico.

My dining companion, the eminent, Jen Arbo suggested sharing a carafe of sangria and who am I to say no? We opted for the white sangria and as a non-wine drinker I was pleasantly surprised. It was refreshing, sweet enough for me and the mulled blueberries added a nice treat. Jen’s Frittata de Hongos created some pretty incredible food envy. It was beautifully plated with delicious papas (that’s Spanish for potato for anyone wondering) and a lovely salad.

El Santo’s patio is small but offers a lovely people-watching spot. New West has definitely upped its patio game in the last year or so. While there we definitely spotted some freshly trimmed pups from Royal City Paw Pet Clinic and some some very happy Big Star Sandwich clients.

In one of the classiest endings to a meal, we were presented with our cheque in a small box along with a sweet farewell: watermelon marshmallows. WAY better than mints.