All Candidates Meetings – Democracy in your community

The next General Local Election for our municipal government is on Saturday, October 20th from 8am-8pm BUT there are several opportunities for advance voting including October 10th, 13th and 17th. The City of New West has complete information posted online with dates, times and locations.

There are a number of ways to find out what city council candidates values and priorities are: their websites, print pamphlets, social media accounts, door knocking and of course all candidates meetings.

With full honesty I will admit that this is one of the first years that I have followed local elections relatively closely. Perhaps it’s my circle of friends and acquaintances that have encouraged me to get involved or my role with the New West Farmers Market that has me engaging more regularly with our local government. Either way I’m following along and engaging more as a resident – like playing BINGO!

I have not attended an All Candidates Meeting yet but I do hope to attend one or two this time around. There is no shortage of meetings planned! The City of New West posts All Candidates Meeting information online (they do not solicit information but they do accept submissions and share it).

I also went looking for some useful information on how to organize an All Candidates Meeting and while I couldn’t find anything BC-specific, the Scarborough Civic Action Network published a fairly comprehensive guide. There are different format options, tips about logistics (like providing an accessible space for people with disabilities) and how to publicize your event.

So the call to action for you? Attention one All Candidates Meeting this year and meet some new faces! Find one that has a format that fits your comfort level or reach out to the organizing committee to see what they are planning.

And don’t forget to vote!