adsWeb Ads

Tenth to the Fraser offers competitively priced advertising opportunities to local businesses and non-profits on our website. There are two options:

  • A “featured event” and placement on our front page. This is limited to three events at a time. You supply the text and an image to use (we can help if you’re not sure) and we do the set up. This ad placement is $50 + GST per week.
  • A 300X100 ad tile visible on mobile, in the top right of our home page on desktop, and within the text on posts. This is limited to 10 ads that rotate upon refresh. You supply the design (or we can help for a fee). This is $150 + GST per month or we offer a weekly rate at $50 + GST per week.

We are a PG publication and do not accept ads that promote smoking (of any substance), feature nudity, misogynistic behaviour, inappropriate language or gratuitous violence. We do allow for political ads and our advertisements are clearly marked as “advertisements”. We reserve the right to refuse any ad.

For web ads, contact Editor Jen Arbo at jen at tenthtothefraser <dot> ca.

Sponsored Content

At this time we do not accept sponsored content that has been pre-written about your business or product. We are sure it is really great, however we don’t think this type of advertising offers enough for our readers. However, if you or your business would like to sponsor a writer (your choice or ours) to submit articles on the topic of their choosing, you will be added to each post they write as a text based (with link) at the bottom of each post as that post’s benefactor. If you are interested in this format, contact us for an estimate, as it varies by writer, frequency, and types of topics they are interested in writing about. And yes, a large portion of what you pay will go straight to the writer.

Calendar Sponsorship

We offer a text-based sponsorship opportunity to insert a line of text (links permitted) at the bottom of each event on our community calendar.  This is viewable on both mobile and desktop and is offered to a single sponsor at $1000 + GST per month. Hit us up if you’d like to talk about this option.

Print Ads

We offer a number of options for print advertising, at competitive rates. Discounts apply for annual commitments. Check out the current ad kit here. You can reach Erin, our Director of Sales and Marketing via email at ads at tenthtothefraser <dot> ca or via phone at 604-838-1272 if you have any questions or would like to book an ad.

Requests for Us to Sponsor You

Curious about whether we will sponsor your event in the magazine or online? We believe in supporting community and do consider sponsorship opportunities for a limited number of spaces per month. This includes free writing or free ads or a mix! To have your group or event considered, please send an email to jen at tenthtothefraser <dot> ca and outline why you think it’s a good fit and what your organization is able to offer as a benefit to sponsorship. We aren’t able to accommodate all requests, and reserve the right to politely decline if it’s not a good fit, so we recommend making your request sooner rather than later.