The Kids Are All Right: Youth Week in New Westminster

On May 2nd, the New Westminster Youth Awards will celebrate New West Youth.

These awards are a ceremony designed to identify and recognize the accomplishments of youth within the City of New Westminster.  There are six categories for youth accomplishments as well as one category for adults that have supported youth in their work towards success.

The Youth Awards themselves originated from the definition and purpose of Youth Week in B.C. which is to highlight and promote youth throughout our province during the first week of May each year. This celebration provides the opportunity and backdrop for an awards ceremony dedicated to youth who have accomplished great things within our community. The ceremony also provides a forum for promotion and identification of the positive contributions the youth demographic has made to the New Westminster community on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. An additional purpose is to establish and maintain a positive environment and outlet for youth accomplishments within the New Westminster community. The categories and criteria are heavily Parks & Recreation based with intent to highlight youth accomplishments while in our programs, facilities, and community events.  It is a chance for youth to stand out and be noticed for the positive contributions they have made.

You can get more info about all of the events at, including the BBQ today after school.

Stop. Hammer Time.

(Who doesn’t want to be able to start a post that way?) 

Join the Spare Parts Adventure Society at Hammer Time! A Pop-Up Fundraiser on April 27, 2018 at 7:30 at New Westminster’s River Market. Tickets are $20 per person and all money raised go directly to helping the Spare Parts Adventure Society bring more pop-up playground events to New Westminster’s parks and events.

The fundraiser includes a building contest where everybody is invited to use spare parts and their imaginations and creativity to build something exciting. Parents often remark that their kids have a load of fun building and creating at Spare Parts Adventure pop-up playground, so now everybody will have the chance. The best creations will win prizes such as a Steel & Oak gift pack and swag from Patterson Brands.

There is also a silent auction with over 20 incredible items generously donated by local companies such as Wild Rice, The Wine Factory, and Cartwright Jewelers. And if you like theatre and live entertainment, come out and bid on packages from Massey Theatre, Bard On The Beach, Out On Screen, and the Vancouver Symphony.

Dedicated to offering children and youth access to free child-driven educational opportunities, Spare Parts Adventure holds workshops and day activities where kids build their own playgrounds using raw materials such as rope, tarps, pvc pipe, wood, tires, or anything that enables a child’s imagination to flourish. Since 2016 Spare Parts Adventure has put on workshops for youth in various New Westminster neighbourhoods, helping them to develop self-reliance by taking risks and experience active play in barrier-free environments while developing their problem solving and teamwork skills.

Tickets are $20 per person and are available through Eventbrite — search for “Hammer Time” at More information about Spare Parts Adventure can be found on Facebook at 


Cutting-edge artists from Club PuSh coming to a venue near you!

For the first time in its history, the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival is extending its programming to New Westminster with the launch of Club PuSh at the Anvil Centre. New West residents can still catch up-close two renowned artists creating major buzz in Canada and the US as part of this series.

Showing off his three-octave range, US singer Joseph Keckler moves from opera to pop without missing a beat in this riveting performance. Keckler was named as a “major vocal talent whose range shatters the conventional boundaries” by The New York Times in 2016. He performs widely and has appeared at Lincoln Center, Centre Pompidou, Miami Art Basel, UCB, SXSW and many other venues internationally. Keckler performs this weekend – January 26 at Anvil Centre. (For a sample of his range and work, check out this performance – he has many operas to choose from but I like this operatic English language short film).

A photo of performing artist Joseph Keckler seated alone on stage with a microphone.

Award-winning and JUNO-nominated Canadian Aboriginal cellist Cris Derksen and her trio will pull audiences in with their hypnotic blend of loop pedal, drum machine and cello. Originally from the North Tall Cree reserve in northern Alberta, Derksen has collaborated with icons from Kanye West, to Naomi Klein. The trio takes the Anvil Centre stage on February 2.(I struggled to pick one track – they are unbelievable soundscapes to listen to- but try this one featuring Jennifer Kreisberg from her most recent album.) 

Jessica Schneider, representing both Anvil Centre and the Massey Theatre, said about this first-time partnership: “We have adventurous audiences all over Metro Vancouver who are going to love having Club PuSh a little closer to home. This is yet another smart move for PuSh in branching out to New Westminster’s community. Anvil Centre will be a great theatre setting to take in Club PuSh. Adding a second date for visiting artists increases the impact of their visits to BC and an earlier performance time makes the shows accessible to a wider public.”

The PuSh Festival has been bringing cutting-edge arts experiences across the disciplines of dance, theatre, music or multimedia to Vancouver audiences for the past 14 years. This year, the festival welcomes artists from 11 countries – including those from Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Italy and Mexico, among others.


Brown Baggin’ It! Join Mayor Coté for a lunchtime chat!

Check out this coming event from Mayor Coté, a B-Y-O-Lunch event happening on December 15 at City Hall in Council Chambers. No RSVP is required, you just show up and bring your lunch and topics for discussion and it’s an informal chat. Mayor Coté admits this isn’t his original idea. “This idea came from a recent meeting I had with the Mayor of Victoria, Lisa Helps. They provided us with an overview of their public engagement program and Mayor Helps has been doing these brown bag lunches for a few years now.”

It’s a great idea. It’s a casual, its over food, and it’s non-threatening. As great as public engagement is, formal open houses or info sessions aren’t always for everyone, and not every topic gets an open house. So this is a nice idea to bring up things you’re curious about.

Mayor Coté looks forward to it. “I think this is yet another way I can connect directly with residents. Whether people have questions or want to share their ideas or concerns about the city, I am hopeful this will provide a good forum for discussion and further enhance our efforts and commitment to public engagement in New Westminster.”

Ten Reasons to Shop at Royal City Gogos’ Craft Fair

  1. Come for the vibe – there is great fun. It’s a chance to meet your neighbours, chat with your friends, and compare purchases with strangers.
  2. Be inspired by the imagination and creativity of the artisans. They will tell you about their inspiration for the items, their pleasure in creating them and how they were made. You’ll have story to tell about meeting the artisan.
  3. There’s food! Savoury finger foods on Friday night, pastries on Saturday and BBQ hotdogs on Sunday for Family Day.
  4. Shatter your generational stereotypes about what a senior craft sale would include. Support their activism as feminists, artisans and AIDS advocates.
  5. Listen to the stories about African grandmothers who are caring for children orphaned by the AIDS and their struggle to feed, clothe, and send the orphans to school.
  6. Understand the solidarity between Canadian and African grandmothers in caring for the future hope of Africa.
  7. Learn about the profound effect the money raised from the sale will have for the millions of orphaned children connected to community-based projects funded by the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
  8. On Sunday you should come back with your kids. Children can create at the imagination station, decorate and devour homemade cookies, do a little shopping for specially-priced family gifts with the help of the New West Youth Ambassadors as personal shoppers. Meanwhile you can do some serious craft shopping on your own.
  9. Shop locally. Why drive downtown when you can shop for artisanal quality products close to home? Unifor, 326 12th Street has easy, free parking, free admission, and is wheel-chair accessible.
  10. Enjoy feeling good about buying meaningful handcrafted items and giving back to others at the same time.


See for more details.


Rest in Peace on Kelly Street

Though Halloween is classically meant to be eerie and dark, it is quite depressing when you live on a street that is deserted on Halloween. We moved into the 500 block on Kelly Street last summer and were very disappointed to have less then 10 trick or treaters come to our new home. Having grown up in a bustling Halloween street, I remember the magic, sense of community and fun it had been just outside my door. This was just not acceptable. As I went about  talking to the neighbours I heard of stories which now seem to be  legends. Neighbours of old spoke of a time many moons ago. Years before, the number of trick or treaters were too large too count.  As time went by  people left, new people came and in the end most people stopped caring. My mission? Is to get it back to where it use to be.

But how?

I thought, what are the bare essentials necessary for any outdoor adventure regardless of Halloween? Shelter, warmth, food and drinks.  Rest in Peace on Kelly Street was born.

Forget about the pre-Halloween dinner scramble. Come down to Rest in Peace on Kelly Street. Relax and enjoy Hot  Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Pizza- complementary from Sapperton’s very own Pappa Leo’s Pizza. Be warm and sheltered from our heat lamps and gazebos. Get enchanted by the decorations and vibe to come. Be most rewarded by our give-aways and BIG treats!

“Rest in Peace” prior to your journey or have a warm  resting Place with food and beverage to-go in between homes.    Or if it works better, end your night with us as your final resting place.

In the shadows of the night

Come join us for some haunting bites.

We cast you shelter, warmth, hot drinks, BIG treats.

May you Rest in Peace on Kelly Street.

For more details please follow us on

Instagram: @ rest_in_peace_on_Kelly_st