Leo’s Story

Leo Apr 27, 2011 442 edge burn

It’s October 13, 2010 and I’m driving over the Lions Gate Bridge. My cell phone rings and the display shows that it’s the adoption agency. Mid-span on the bridge, it’s impossible to pull over but this is “the call”. I answer.

Just off the bridge, I’m able to pull to one side – the driving equivalent of needing to sit down. I’m told that a woman who is placing her baby up for adoption has chosen me. I’m excited. Stunned. Terrified. Abruptly, the strip has shown blue and I’m pregnant. Due in three months.

My adoption path started a year earlier and at the time it felt as though it would take forever, if it happened at all. I was single when I began the process and single women are not always at the top of the list for birth parents. In fact, in early discussions with my adoption agency I was told I would never be selected by a BC woman for adoption of a newborn – in fact they hadn’t matched a single woman with a birth mom in well over ten years. I was okay with this as I had never really experienced “baby fever”. I’d be great with an older child – but hopefully a child young enough that we’d still experience some of those early milestones together. Continue reading “Leo’s Story”