Enjoy Those New Schools, Surrey

Last Friday, Christy Clark, Minister of Education Mike Bernier, and other political mucky-mucks went to Panorama Park Elementary School in Surrey (cynical me points out the school is in a Liberal riding) to announce a $100 million dollar investment into six Surrey schools to add 2,700 student spaces for fast-growing Surrey. From the news section on the Ministry’s website: “Families are making a choice to call Surrey home – and that’s driving incredible growth along with our strong economy,” said the Premier. “We’ve worked together with the Surrey school district to identify key projects and move them ahead quickly to make sure as many classrooms as possible are built for Surrey families and students.” Apparently this work also “builds on the 1,870 seats already under construction in Surrey.”

Truthfully, I have friends with children in the Surrey school system or who work there and I’m glad for them. I’ve heard of their overcrowding with portables taking up sports fields. Surrey’s population growth *is* incredible. In preparing for this post, I was reading a report that the United Way of the Lower Mainland prepared indicating Surrey’s population had nearly doubled in the last two decades, and that was 5 years ago. That’s bonkers. Continue reading “Enjoy Those New Schools, Surrey”