Get ‘Er Done, New West

Boring Adult Stuff like Powers of Attorney, Wills, and appointing a guardian for my child were on my to-do list for an embarrassingly high number of years. For years I (wrongly) believed that because I had no assets aside from a giant pile of student loans I didn’t need any planning documents.

Eighteen months ago I finally got my act together. On the pain in the butt scale, I’d rate it a 6.5 for having to find the time to make an appointment, arrange all the paperwork, seek and ask a guardian, and have a really important conversation with myself and my spouse about medical interventions. And it honestly wasn’t that cheap, either. But the truth is that it was a small amount of hassle for a whole bunch of peace of mind and I felt actual relief when it was done. And now I can forget all about it unless my circumstances change.

If you don’t yet have your act together here is an overview of what documents you might need and who can help. It probably goes without saying, but this post isn’t legal advice at all, and you should definitely seek the advice of a professional for your own personal situation. There are low or no cost services out there too, so don’t let cost be the reason you don’t get your act together.
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Five Tips To Help Take The Pain Out of Tax Time

I tell all my friends that January is the perfect time to start thinking about taxes. I usually get a very unimpressed look and hear the common reply “Oh, I have until April to get those done!”

While that may be true, I often find the first part of the year flies by, especially when we all get back into our own routines after the December holidays. If there’s anything that preparing tax returns has taught me, people will wait and wait, and the next thing they notice — it’s April and there are stories in the paper, on the radio, and online reminding them it’s time to get that tax return done. At that point, I get a lot of questions from friends, especially those with business activity to report on their personal taxes. I always wish my friends had started with their preparation sooner. If they asked me earlier in the year, this is what I would tell them.

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