Community Garden harvest to benefit Elizabeth Fry Society

Ripe corn from the Mary Mount Community Garden in New Westminster. Photo: New Westminster Community Gardening Society
Ripe corn from the Mary Mount Community Garden in New Westminster. Photo: New Westminster Community Gardening Society

This Saturday, members of the New Westminster Community Gardening Society will harvest the first crop of corn, beans and squash from Mary Mount Community Garden in Sapperton.

NWCGS chair Brennan Anstey said in a media release that the garden was planned using traditional First Nations organic permaculture techniques.

“The corn provides support for the beans, which fixate nitrogen for the corn and the squash acts as a ground cover to keep in moisture and keep down weeds,” said Anstey.

The gardeners will share their bounty with the Elizabeth Fry Society, a New Westminster-based non-profit organization that helps women and children who are coping with homelessness, poverty, addiction, mental illness and/or are re-integrating into society after time spent in jail.

“This is part of the commitment we made to the City to help promote food security in New Westminster”, said David Maidman, a member of the society’s Board of Directors.

“I think when you look around at what we have grown this year on this small plot of ground it shows the future potential for urban agriculture in New Westminster.”

If you want to apply for a community garden plot in New Westminster, contact the New Westminster Community Gardening Society at or phone 778.372.1333.

Planting season is here! Celebrate with plant sale, garden workshop

Welcome planting season by picking up some quality seedlings at the insanely popular New Westminster Horticultural Society Annual Plant Sale this Sunday, then follow with a garden-planning workshop on Thursday, courtesy of the New West Community Garden Society!

The Horticultural Society plant sale is on Sunday, May 2 from 10am-4pm at the Armoury (Queen’s Ave & 6th St.). Expect long lineups, quality plants and many friendly green thumbs. Come early and bring help to carry away your treasures! I know I envied the gardeners who thought to bring their children’s ride-on wagons last year.

Later, on Thursday, May 6, the New Westminster Community Garden Society is offering up some advice for both those applying for plots at the new Simcoe or Mary Mount gardens and home gardeners. The Society’s first workshop, “Planning Your Garden,” will teach participants how to incorporate concepts like companion planting and permiculture into their garden planning. Seasonality and indigenous gardening will also be discussed. The workshop will be held in the main auditorium in the lower level of the New Westminster Public Library from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. The cost of the workshop is $5 for NWCGS members and $8 for non-members. Attendees may register on site at the workshop or phone 778-372-1333 for more information.